Cancer Imaging and Therapy

Topic Categories

  • Photomedicine, such as photodynamic therapy
  • Nanomedicine, including theranostics
  • Molecular contrast agents, probes and reporters
  • Fundamental tissue optical and physical properties of cancer/cancer imaging contrast
  • Intrinsic optical contrast of cancer, such as scattering, fluorescence and bioluminescence
  • Histopathology methods, assays and their applications
  • Intra-vital microscopy and imaging methods for small animal models of cancer
  • Optical imaging of the cancer microenvironment, processes and pathways
  • Optical methods for biomechanics of cancer cells and tumors
  • Optical monitoring of specific delivery, localization, and action of drugs and contrast agents including photodynamic therapy
  • Human in-vivo and fresh tissue optical biopsy, and in-vivo microscopy for cancer
  • Endoscopic techniques for cancer detection
  • Image-guided cancer resection
  • Targeted molecular imaging of cancer, and quantitative validation methods
  • Multi-modal cancer imaging techniques including combinations of optics with MRI, X-ray, radio-diagnostics