Signal Processing in Photonic Communications

Signal Processing in Photonic Communications

18 - 20 July 2016
The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Optical and electronic signal processing for photonic communication systems ranging from on-chip communications to ultra-long haul transmission.

Signal processing is required in many types of photonic communication systems and networks - from on-chip data transfer to ultra-long haul transmission. SPPComm covers advances in signal processing for transmitters and receivers, including techniques for mitigating the effects of transmission impairments and non-ideal components/devices, key transmitter/receiver functions, forward error correction, and enabling technologies. SPPComm also includes software-defined networks, space division multiplexed systems, Tb/s superchannel systems, and broadband hybrid wireless-optical communication systems.

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Andrea Carena
Politecnico di Torino

Darko Zibar
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


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Joseph Kahn, Stanford University, United States, To Twist or Not to Twist: Capacity Limits for Free-Space Channels, Tutorial

Gerhard Kramer, Technische Universität Munchen, Germany, Coded Modulation and its Application to Fiber-optic Communication Systems, Tutorial

Nikola Alic, University of California, San Diego, United States, Cancellation of Nonlinear Impairments in Fiber Transmission Systems, Invited

Fred Buchali, Nokia Bell Labs, Germany, Increasing Capacity Through Probabilistic Shaping, Invited

Liang Dou, ZTE Beijing, China, DSP Based Link Monitors with More Functionalities for Coherent Transmissions, Invited

Binbin Guan, Acacia Communications, Inc., United States, Spectrally-sliced Transmitter for Long-haul Fiber Transmission, Invited

Guifang Li, University of Central Florida, United States, Space-division Multiplexing for PON Applications , Invited

Mohamed Morsy-Osman, McGill University, Canada, Multi-Dimensional Modulation and Self Beating Direct Detection for Next Generation High Speed Short-Reach Optical Interconnects, Invited

Antonio Napoli, Coriant , Germany, Digital Pre-distortion Techniques for Next Generation Bandwidth Variable Transponders, Invited

Chigo Okonkwo, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands, Turbo Trellis Code Modulation Based on 8QAM , Invited

Zhongqi Pan, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, United States, Adaptive Frequency-domain Equalization and MIMO Signal Processing in Mode-division Multiplexing Systems Using Few-mode Fibers , Invited

Periklis Petropoulos, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, Advanced Nonlinear Signal Processing in Silicon-based Waveguides , Invited

Sebastian Randel, Nokia Bell Labs, United States, Real-Time MIMO-DSP for coherent SDM Transmission Systems, Invited

Kai Shi, University College London, Towards Stable and Ultra Fast Converging Equalizers for Multimode Fiber Transmission Systems , Invited

Cen Xia, Infinera Corp., United States, Design of Digital Fiber Nonlinearity Compensation for Next Generation 400G and 1T Coherent Transceiver , Invited

Hiroshi Yamazaki, NTT Device Technology Laboratories, Japan, Ultra-wide-bandwidth DAC for Optical Systems with Baud Rates of 80Gs/s and Above , Invited

Fan Zhang, Peking University, China, High Capacity Optical Transmission with Nyquist Subcarrier Modulation and Direct Detection, Invited

Kangping Zhong, China, High Speed Short-reach Transmission Systems Enabled by DSP, Invited

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Congress Special Events

Optical Material Studies Technical Group Special Talk
Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 12:30 – 13:30
Garibaldi Room
Join the OSA Optical Material Studies Technical Group for a special talk focused on transparent conductors using silver nanowires and their application to OLED and OPV on flexible substrates. Dr. Craig Arnold of Princeton University will present his talk ‘Silver Nanowire Network Transparent Electrodes for Organic and Hybrid-Organic Devices’ as part of this technical group event. Includes lunch; RSVP required.

Contact to register, pending availability.


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