Photonics in Switching

24 - 27 July 2017
Astor Crowne Plaza, New Orleans, Louisiana United States

Resources: Committee Chairs

The Technical Program Chairs are integral to the success of the meeting. As a volunteer you dedicate countless hours raising funds to support the event, securing invited speakers, reaching out to colleagues to encourage submissions, reviewing papers, and scheduling sessions.

On behalf of OSA, its Board, and its entire staff, we extend enormous gratitude to the Chairs of the Photonics in Switching Technical Program Committee.

Call for Papers Opens Week of 18 November 2016
Abstract and Summary Submissions Due 20 April 2017, 12:00 EDT (Convert Time)
Peer Review Mid April 2017
Program Committee Decisions
Authors Notified of Committee Decisions Week of 8 May 2017
Online Program Planner Available Week of 8 May 2017
Eligible Students: Apply for a Student Travel Grant
Postdeadline Abstract and Summary Submissions Due 5 July 2017, 12:00 EDT (Convert Time)
Postdeadline Paper Notifications Sent Mid July 2017
Hotel Reservation By 3 July 2017
Register for the Meeting By 22 January 2017
Postdeadline Authors Notified of Committee Decisions Week of 14 July 2017
Prepare to Present at the Meeting
Present at the Meeting 24 July - 27 July 2017

How to be Effective

  • Volunteer to Preside
  • Contribute to Welcome remarks for Opening Ceremonies
  • Volunteer to blog
  • Promote meeting
  • Involve committee members in the selection of invited speakers
  • Apply for grants and request corporate contributions at least 9 months before your meeting.
  • Contact your collocated meeting chairs to discuss joint sessions.
  • Use SharePoint to distribute documents to your committee members. 
  • Presiding over the Technical Program Committee
  • Support and adhere to meeting deadlines
  • Promote the meeting to solicit and encourage contributed papers
  • Selecting and confirming Committee Members
  • Selecting and confirming Invited Speakers
  • Selecting and confirming a  Local Organizing Committee to assist in extra activities at meeting such as laboratory tours, additional networking events, etc. , if necessary
  • Providing complete contact information of committee members and invited speakers to OSA
  • Preparing the technical scope and topics for meeting
  • Encourage committee members to complete their reviews by deadline.
  • Encourage committee to select and confirm Presiders for all technical sessions.
  • Soliciting funds from granting agencies and corporate contributions for meeting support and travel support for selected participants.  
  • Reviewing and determining acceptance for postdeadline papers
  • Attend the meeting and participate at on-site meeting and wrap-up committee meeting.


All documents listed below are located in the Reference Center, under Policy and Procedures on Sharepoint.

  • Chairs’ Manual
  • Fundraising Grant Information
  • Exhibit and Sponsorship Information
  • Peer Review Instructions
  • Scheduling Instructions

Dan Marom, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Clint Schow, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Hiroyuki Tsuda, Keio University, Japan

Program Chairs
Giampiero Contestabile, Scuola Superiore Sant Anna di Pisa, Italy
Hiroaki Harai, National Inst of Information & Comm Tech, Japan
Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur, McGill University, Canada


Optical Switching Technology & Devices
Giampiero Contestabile, Scuola Superiore Sant Anna di Pisa, Italy, Subcommittee Chair
Nicola Calabretta, Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands
Isabella Cerutti, Nokia Italia, Italy
Guilhem de Valicourt, Bell Laboratories – Nokia, USA
Akihiro Maruta, Osaka University, Japan
Francesca Parmigiani, University of Southampton, UK
Luca Potì, CNIT, Italy
Katsuyuki Utaka, Waseda University, Japan
Xuelin Yang, Jiao Tong University, China
Yuki Yoshida, NICT, Japan 
Yu Yu, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, China

Optical Switching Functions & Building Blocks
Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur, McGill University, Canada, Subcommittee Chair
Antonella Bogoni, CNIT Pisa, Italy
Maurizio Burla, ETH, Switzerland
José Capmany, University Valencia, Spain
Gabriella Cincotti, University of Roma, Italy
Nicolas Dupuis, IBM TJ Watson, USA
Guifang Li, CREOL, USA
Yoshiaki Nakano, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Robert Norwood, University of Arizona, USA
Hiroyuki Uenohara, Tokyo Institute University, Japan
Kenneth K.Y. Wong, University of Hong Kong, China
John Xiupu Zhang, Concordia, Canada

Optical Networks & Systems
Hiroaki Harai, National Inst of Information & Comm Tech, Japan, Subcommittee Chair
Filippo Cugini, CNIT, Italy
Rudra Dutta, North Carolina State University, USA
Roberto Proietti, University of California, Davis, USA
Weiqiang Sun, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Hideki Tode, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Anna Tzanakaki, University of Athens, Greece
Xi Wang, Fujitsu Labs of America, USA
Lena Wosinska, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden