Photonic Networks and Devices

24 - 27 July 2017
Astor Crowne Plaza, New Orleans, Louisiana United States

Topic Categories

  • Space Division Multiplexed and multi-dimensional devices, systems and networks
    • Transmission systems with record capacity
    • SDM-based network applications
    • Components and devices utilizing space for a higher degree of integration
    • Unique applications using the spatial dimension
    • Specialty fibers
    • Digital signal processing for SDM applications
  • Technologies, systems and interconnects for Data Centers and High Performance Computing
    • Optical networks to support inter data center communication and cloud applications
    • Disaggregated Data Center and HPC architectures, algorithms and protocols
    • Flexible bandwidth assignment schemes for intra- and inter-datacenter communication
    • Cost effective and energy efficient devices for on-chip and chip-to-chip interconnects
  • Network design and operations
    • Optical network architectures for metro, access and backbone networks
    • Routing and spectrum assignment for WDM and flexible grid / elastic optical networks
    • Optical access network architectures and protocols
    • Energy efficiency and sustainability of optical networks and devices
    • Resiliency and security of optical networks
    • Techno-economic studies
  • Network control and management
    • Software-defined networks and network function virtualization
    • Network control, orchestration and monitoring
    • Open optical transport and open network operating systems
    • Optical white box systems for deeply programmable networks
  • Advanced high-capacity transmission systems and enabling technologies
    • Methods to achieve multi-terabit capacity networking 
    • Point-point transmission or shared bus/tree topologies, burst transmission
    • 5G convergence applications
    • Advanced optical modulation formats