Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon, and Nano-Photonics

24 - 27 July 2017
Astor Crowne Plaza, New Orleans, Louisiana United States

Topic Categories

  1. Photonic Devices  
    1. Silicon and other Group IV integrated photonics: devices and complex circuits
      1. SOI-based materials,
      2. Passive and active devices
      3. Hybrid Light emitters, lasers, isolators, amplifiers, passives
    2. III-V and Compound Semiconductor Devices
      1. Semiconductor modulators;
      2. Filters;
      3. Switches;
      4. Lasers;
      5. VCSELs;
      6. Planar amplifiers;
      7. Compound semiconductor WDM components;
      8. Novel III-V quantum optoelectronic devices;
    3. III-V Materials and Processing for Photonics
      1. Reliability advances and issues;
      2. Emerging packaging technologies.
    4. Dielectric and Polymer Waveguides and Waveguide Devices
      1. Integrated planar waveguides;
      2. Polymer-based waveguide devices;
      3. Active/passive integrated components;
      4. Switches;
      5. Variable optical attenuators;
      6. Modulators;
      7. Filters;
      8. Integrated isolators and circulators;
      9. Planar dispersion compensators;
    5. Materials and Fabrication Technologies for Photonic Integrated Circuits
      1. Characterization of linear and nonlinear optical waveguide devices;
      2. Micro-machines and micro-optic components;
      3. Parallel optical interconnects;
      4. Reliability advances and issues;
      5. Novel assembly and manufacturing techniques; and low cost technology for polymer devices.
      6. Non-reciprocal devices.
    6. LiNbO3 - and Other Pockels Effect based devices
    7. Optical isolators
    8. Nanophotonics:  nanostructured photonic devices
      1.  Photonic crystals (waveguides, resonators, light sources)
      2.  Nano-engineered devices for the generation, transport and detection of light
      3. Sub-wavelength devices
      4.  Biological and chemical transducers
    9. Nanostructured photovoltaics
    10. Plasmonics
    11.  Nanofabrication Technology
      1. Lithography and etching techniques
      2.  Growth and deposition approaches
      3.  Self-organized methods
    12.  Nanoscale structure characterization
  2. Integrated Photonics Applications
    1. Photonic integrated circuits and optoelectronic integrated circuits;
    2. Application of novel fabrication and material technologies for integrated photonics
    3. Photonic integrated circuits for telecom and Datacom applications
    4. Photonic integrated circuits for optical sensing
    5. Novel application of photonic integrated circuits
    6. New functionality implemented in photonic integrated circuits
  3. Integrated High Precision Photonics
    1. Frequency comb generation
    2. Solitons
    3.  Mode locked lasers
    4.  Ultra-narrow linewidth oscillators
    5. Harmonic generation
    6. Raman and Brillouin gain
    7. Super-continuum generation
    8. Frequency (up/down) conversion
    9. Infrared and ultraviolet generation
    10. Physics, theory and applications of linear and nonlinear processes in novel integrated structures
    11. Nonlinear switching, modulation, memories and logic,
    12. Nonlinear optics in metamaterials, and opto-mechanics.
    13. Quantum technology applications
    14. On-chip optical trapping
  4. New Materials for Photonics
    1. Novel Materials for Advanced Opto-Electronics:
      1. Active Graphene Photonics
      2. Beyond Graphene: the new class of 2D materials
      3. Giant index modulation in transparent conductive oxides
      4. Epsilon Near Zero materials
    2. Theory, Simulation and Novel Physical Insights:
      1. Devices Beyond Conventional Limits;
      2. Enhanced Light Matter Interactions
      3. Computational Analysis and Methods
    3. Emerging Opto-electronic Devices and Platforms
      1. Plasmons and Nanolasers
      2. Ultra Compact Electro-optic Modulators
      3. Nano-Photonic Device Integration
      4. Heterogeneous and Hybrid Platforms