Invited Speakers

Optical Molecular Probes, Imaging and Drug Delivery (OMP)

Optical Molecular Probes, Imaging and Drug Delivery (OMP)

14 - 18 April 2013
Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii, USA

Invited Speakers

Elizabeth Hillman, Columbia Univ., USA, Optical Neuroimaging, PLENARY
Abstract: From 3D microscopy of cellular structures, to measurements of neuronal dynamics and blood flow, optical methods permit diverse investigations of the living brain. The latest photoactivation and optical neuroimaging approaches and applications will be reviewed.

Duco Jansen, Vanderbilt Univ., USA, Photonic Neural Interfaces: Current State and Future Challenges, PLENARY
Abstract: I will present an overview of the concepts and applications of optical nerve stimulation and inhibition with a focus on characterization of this technique, mechanistic studies as well as on several applications and device development.

Sunney Xie, Harvard Univ., USA, Label-Free Vibrational Imaging for Medicine, PLENARY
Abstract: Stimulated Raman scattering microscopy is a label-free and noninvasive imaging technique using vibrational spectroscopy as the contrast. Recent advances have allowed significant improvements in sensitivity, selectivity, robustness, and cost; opening a wide range of biomedical applications.

Samuel Achilefu, Washington University in St Louis, United States, The Search for Universal Optical Molecular Imaging Probes for Tumors, Invited

Paul Beard, University College London, United Kingdom, In vivo Preclinical Photoacoustic Imaging of Cancer, Invited

Darryl Bornhop, Vanderbilt University, United States, Using Back-scattering Interferometry to Aid in Probe Development and Drug Efficacy Monitoring, Invited

Paul Campagnola, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States, SHG Imaging and Optical Scattering Probes of Ovarian Cancer, Invited

Enrico Gratton, University of California Irvine, United States, Super-resolution by Feedback Imaging: Mechanisms of Translocation through the Nuclear Porecomplex, Invited

Min Gu, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, Imaging and Tweezing under a Nonlinear Optical Endoscope, Invited

Kirill Larin, University of Houston, United States, Permeation Of Human Plasma Lipoproteins In Vascular Tissues, Invited

Calum MacAulay, BC Cancer Agency Research Centre, Canada, Fluorescence Visualization and Imaging: A Tool for Improving Patient Outcomes for Oral and (Hopefully) Other Cancers , Invited

Laura Marcu, University of California Davis, United States, Fluorescence Lifetime Techniques In Clinical Applications, Invited

Gerard Marriott, University of California Berkeley, United States, New Probes for High-contrast Imaging and Manipulation of Biomolecules within Living Systems, Invited

Francesco Pavone, European Lab for Non-Linear Spectroscopy, Italy, Optical Imaging And Manipulation Of Excitable Cells In Complex Networks, Invited

Rainer Pepperkok, Europaiches Lab fur Molekularbiologie, Germany, High Throughput Microscopy For Sytems Biology Applications, Invited

Juergen Popp, Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany, The Many Facets Of Raman Spectroscopy In Biophotonics, Invited

Adam Wax, Duke University, United States, Plasmonic Nanoparticles As Molecular Contrast Agents In Interferometric Imaging, Invited

Mehmet Yanik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States, High-throughput In Vivo Cellular-resolution Manipulation and Screening of Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Invited

Gang Zheng, University of Toronto, Canada, Porphyrin Nanophotonics, Invited