Novel Techniques in Microscopy (NTM)

Novel Techniques in Microscopy (NTM)

14 - 18 April 2013
Hawaii, USA

Novel Techniques in Microscopy is focused on the development of new and creative techniques in optical microscopy for biological or biomedical applications.

Advances in optical microscopy are continually enhancing imaging performance and versatility. Examples include increasing depth penetration in scattering media, improving resolution beyond the diffraction limit, increasing speed, enhancing sensitivity and/or specificity, developing novel contrast mechanisms, addressing challenges related to intravital imaging, and more. This meeting will provide a rich collection of fresh and creative technical developments in optical microscopy for biological or biomedical applications.

Topic Categories

  • Imaging in scattering tissue
  • Super-resolution
  • Nonlinear microscopy and coherent techniques
  • OCT, holographic and quantitative phase microscopy
  • Fiberscopes and Endoscopy techniques
  • New techniques

View the 2011 NTM Meeting Archive containing the final program (PDF)

Paul Campagnola
University of Wisconsin-Madison
United States

Eric Potma
University of California Irvine
United States


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