Optics for Solar Energy (SOLAR)

02 - 05 December 2014
Energy Change Institute, Australian National University, Canberra , Australia

Invited Speakers

Steven Chu, Stanford University, USA, Plenary

James G. Anderson, Anderson Group, Harvard University, USA, Keynote

Toshihiko Iwasaki, Konica Minolta, Japan, Keynote

Martin Green,  University of South Wales, Australia, Keynote

Roland Winston, University of California Merced, USA, Keynote

Leonid Dombrovsky, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Simple Physical Models for Engineering Estimates Of Radiative Transfer In Particle Clouds and Dispersed Materials, Invited

Alain Ferriere, CNRS, France, Concentrating Systems for Solar Thermal Electricity: State-of-the-art and Future Trends, Invited

James Foresi, Suncore Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd, United States, Suncore's CPV Technology for Large-scale Grid-connected Solar Power Plants , Invited

Stephen Goodnick, Arizona State University, United States, High Temperature Ingan Topping Cells for Hybrid Photovoltaic/concentrating Solar Thermal Systems , Invited

Jeffrey Gordon, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Solar Conversion By Rectifying Antennas: A New Paradigm , Invited

Michael Haney, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, United States, Micro-scale Concentrated Photovoltaics: A Technologically Disruptive Approach To Flat-panel Solar Cells? , Invited

Kazuo Hasegawa, Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc, Japan, Solar-pumped Laser and Its Application To Energy Conversion , Invited

Thorsten Hornung, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany, Characterization Of Optics for Concentrating Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Applications , Invited

Abraham Kribus, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, Solar Electricity with Photon-enhanced Thermionic Emission (pete) , Invited

Tohru Nakagawa, Panasonic Corporation, Japan, High-efficiency Thin and Compact Concentrator Photovoltaics with Micro-solar Cells Directly Attached to Lens Array , Invited

G.J. 'Gus' Nathan, University of Adelaide, Australia, Optics and Photonics in Solar Thermal Energy Technologies , Invited

Gregory Nielson, Sandia National Laboratories, United States, Microlens Arrays and Micro-scale Solar Cells for Low-cost Solar Power , Invited

John Pye, Australian National University, Australia, Improved Tubular Receivers for Point-focus Concentrators , Invited

Gary Rosengarten, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, Solar Beam Splitting for the Efficient Generation Of Electricity and High Temperature Thermal Energy , Invited

Wes Stein, CSIRO Energy Flagship, Australia, Collecting and Converting Photons for Thermal Processes, Invited

Noboru Yamada, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan, High- and Low-concentration Hybrid Concentrator Photovoltaic Module Toward Maximizing Solar Energy Utilization , Invited