Imaging Systems and Applications (IS)

13 - 17 July 2014
Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA

Topic Categories

1.  Applications of military, industrial, medical and consumer imaging
  • Military imaging in all bands, target acquisition, persistent surveillance
  • Imaging systems in security, entertainment and machine vision
  • Digital photography
  • Microscopy (e.g. opto-fluidic lenses, lens-less systems)
  • Imaging for robotics and process control imaging
  • Computational, adaptive, and compressive imaging
  • Systems and applications for hyper-spectral imaging, polarimetric (thermal) imaging
  • Human interaction with imaging systems and display
  • Digital cinematography
  • Artificial eyes and imaging
  • Vision and the optics of the eye
  • Color encoding and decoding
  • Color Vision

2.  Imaging systems and components
  • Lens systems; Optical system and lens design
  • Visible solids-state image sensors; infrared focal plane arrays
  • Read-out and communications electronics
  • Novel display systems for multi-views and depth
  • Illumination systems
  • Advanced projection systems

3. Digital image processing (Symposium topics)
  • Scene segmentation
  • Image enhancement
  • Pattern/target recognition
  • Image analysis for product inspection, target tracking, motion estimation
  • Compression for storage or transmission
  • Optimization of data for display
  • Processing of hyper and multi spectral data and  multi-modal data
  • Image quality measures and criteria
  • Image processing and analysis
  • Digital transforms
  • Pattern/target recognition
  • Microscopic image processing
  • Holographic image processing
  • Medical image processing
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Image-based forensics
  • Computer vision
  • Information extraction in tomographic, volumetric, time resolved, and super-resolved imagery
  • Applications to visual and industrial applications such as manufactured product inspection

4. Computational imaging and its applications
  • Coded aperture imaging
  • High dynamic range, depth of field imaging
  • Super-resolution
  • Tomographic and 3D imaging
  • Phase retrieval
  • Hyper-spectral imaging architectures
  • Coherence measurement and synthesis
  • Unique uses of plenoptic cameras in consumer products

5. Emerging technologies with impact on imaging systems
  • Curved focal plane arrays
  • Nano-photonic components
  • Plasmonic devices
  • Graded-index components based on meta-materials