Applied Industrial Optics: Spectroscopy, Imaging, and Metrology (AIO)

13 - 17 July 2014
Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA

Invited Speakers

Bernard Kress, Google, United States, See Through Optical Architectures for Wearable Displays , Plenary

David Allen, National Inst of Standards & Technology, United States, Standards and Methods for the Evaluation of Hyperspectral Imaging System Performance , Invited

Sterling Backus, Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories, United States, High Peak and Average Power Near/Mid-IR Femtosecond Laser Sources, Invited

Kate Bechtel, Triple Ring Technologies, United States, Spatially-Resolved Diffuse Reflectance Measurements for Oximetry , Invited

Rene Beigang, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany, Industrial Applications of Terahertz Technology: From layer thickness measurements to mail screening , Invited

David Brady, Duke University, United States, Roadmap for Commercial Gigapixel Cameras , Invited

Alexandre Brolo, University of Victoria, Canada, Tailoring Metallic Nanostructures for Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy , Invited

Steven Buckley, TSI Inc., United States, LIBS in the Laboratory and Beyond , Invited

Hui Cao, Yale University , United States, Using the Random Nano-photonic Structure on a Silicon Chip to make a Spectrometer , Invited

Brian Cunningham, Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States, Smartphone Biosensors for Health, Environment, and Food Safety , Invited

Peter de Groot, Zygo Corporation, United States, The State of the Art in Interference Microscopy: Modern Techniques for Geometric Form, Surface Texture and Areal Structure Analysis , Invited

J. Steven Dodge, Simon Fraser University, Canada, Paper Parameter Estimation Using Time-domain Terahertz Spectroscopy , Invited

Douglas Elmore, 3M Company, United States, Multivariate Analysis of Vibrational Spectra in Industrial Research, Invited

Pietro Ferraro, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (CNR), Italy, Detection of Survivors in Fire Scenes by Mid-IR Digital Holography , Invited

Tigran Galstian, Universite Laval, Canada, Motion-less Adaptive Optical Systems Based on Liquid Crystals: From fundamentals to mobile applications , Invited

Manish Gupta, Los Gatos Research Inc, United States, Development of Cavity-Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy Analyzers for Industrial Applications , Invited

Stewart Hager, Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Techno, United States, Quantification and Relative Amounts of Pollutants in Vehicle Exhaust Plumes, Invited

Robert Hart, OptoFluidics, United States, Advanced Nanoparticle Measurement using Near Field Light , Invited

Angus Henderson, Lockheed Martin Aculight Corp, United States, Fiber-laser-based Widely-tunable Sources for the Visible , Invited

Peter Höjerback, Serstech, Sweden, Miniature Raman Spectrometers, Invited

Katerina Krebber, Federal Institute for Materials Research, Germany, Fiber Optic Sensors - From Laboratory to Industrial Applications , Invited

Christoph Mertz, Carnegie Mellon University, United States, Observing Optically Challenging Objects with Structured Light , Invited

Dominic Murphy, Pie Photonics, Ltd, Ireland, Static Optical Interferometry: Evolution, challenges and opportunities , Invited

Faiz Rahman, Electrospell Ltd, United Kingdom, Current Developments and Future Trends in Diode-driven Solid-state Lighting , Invited

Brandon Redding, Yale University , United States, Using a Multimode Fiber as Compact, High-resolution Spectrometer, Invited

Jonathan Saint Clair, Boeing Company, United States, Challenges for Optical Metrology in the Aerospace Industry , Invited

Richard Sharp, RedShift Systems Corporation, United States, Tunable QCLs with Intra-Cavity MEMS Filters for Spectroscopic Applications , Invited

Dmitry Starodubov, POC, United States, ZBLAN Fibers: From Zero Gravity Tests to Orbital Manufacturing , Invited

Albert Stolow, National Research Council Canada, Canada, Multimodal Coherent Nonlinear Optical Microscopy: From Biophotonics to Geophotonics , Invited

Jeff Throckmorton, Ocean Optics Inc., United States, Reducing the MacAdam Ellipses, Invited

Mariano Troccoli, Adtech Optics Inc, United States, High Power and Single Mode Quantum Casade Lasers for Industrial Applications , Invited

Mark Witinski, Harvard University, United States, Monolithic Tuning of Quantum Cascade Lasers for Compact Infrared Spectroscopy Applications: From Design Considerations to Results , Invited

Changhuei Yang, California Institute of Technology, United States, Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy: Large field-of-view and high resolution microscopy imaging, Invited

Chenying Yang, University of Washington, United States, Development of Wide-field Quantitative Multispectral Fluorescence-Reflectance Imaging Using an Ultrathin and Flexible Scanning Fiber Endoscope, Invited

Guoan Zheng, University of Connecticut, United States, Fourier Ptychography: A Computational Framework for High-Resolution, High-Throughput Imaging , Invited