Freeform Optics (Freeform)

07 - 11 June 2015
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Freeform Optics explores the evolving impact of freeform optical surfaces on optical systems for both imaging and illumination. New fabrication techniques that create optical surfaces that are not surfaces of revolution open an expansive new space for optical systems. Particularly enabled systems include illumination systems, head-worn displays and mid- and long-wave pervasive surveillance systems. But optical testing methods for these new surfaces are lacking, and the theory and implementation of an aberration theory as a basis for optical design of these surfaces was only unraveled in 2012. The scope features work on the optical design of imaging systems with freeform surfaces, evolving methods for surface representation for illumination system optimization and a perspective on the new challenges these surface present to optical testing.

With the ever expanding successes from the introduction of freeform surfaces into both imaging and nonimaging (illumination) optical systems, there is innovative work being done in both academia and industry in all areas of optical system evolution including,

  • Optical design
  • Optical system simulation
  • Surface representation
  • Fabrication
  • Metrology
  • Optical system assembly
Invited speakers from both industry and academia will speak to the latest developments in these topics and more. 

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Jannick Rolland
University of Rochester
United States

Kevin Rolland-Thompson
Synopsys, Inc
United States


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Hotel Reservation 7 May 2015
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James Burge, University of Arizona, United States, Simultaneous Measurement of Both Surfaces of Conformal Windows using Flexible Optical Ray Metrology , Invited

William Cassarly, Synopsys, Inc, United States, Assessing Freeform Illumination Surface Tolerances, Invited

Michael Chrisp, Massachusetts Inst of Tech Lincoln Lab, United States, Imaging with NURBS Freeform Surfaces , Invited

Lovell Comstock, Corning Incorporated, United States, Manufacturing Large Stable Multi Spectral Coated Lightweight Freeform Optics , Invited

Matt Davies, Univ. opf North Carolina at Charlotte, Ultra-Precision diamond machining of freeform optics for the IR , Invited

Thomas Dresel , Zygo Corporation, Form metrology of Toric Surfaces using Scanning Fizeau Interferometry, Invited

Fabian Duerr, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, Potential Benefits of Freeform Optics in On-Axis Imaging Applications, Invited

Paul Dumas, QED Technologies Inc, United States, How MRF and SSI can benefit Freeform Manufacturing , Invited

Chris Evans, Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States, Freeform Optical Surfaces: Metrology Capabilities and Challenges, Invited

Alan Greynolds, United States, Battle of the Biconics: Comparison and Application of Various Anamorphic Optical Surfaces, Invited

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