Application of Lasers for Sensing & Free Space Communication (LS&C)

Application of Lasers for Sensing & Free Space Communication (LS&C)

07 - 11 June 2015
Renaissance Arlington Capital View, Arlington, Virginia, USA

The latest developments in laser based sensing and free space laser communication.

Sophisticated laser systems are increasingly being used for information gathering and sharing since they can satisfy many critical needs in sensing and high bandwidth free space optical (FSO) communications.  We are coming into the age where laser systems are a viable competitor to RF systems for many applications.  This meeting reports on the latest use of lasers in diverse fields such as environmental sensing, remote imaging, close-in inspection and medical diagnostics.  Common challenges to both systems, such as atmospheric effects, are also considered.  In addition to applications and systems, this meeting also covers the enabling technologies that are often common in both sensing and communication.  Advances in sources and waveform/wavefront modulation techniques, receivers, optical apertures, and post-detection processing schemes are all required and are subjects of this meeting.

Topic Categories

  • Laser Sensing
  • Free Space Optical (FSO) Laser Communication
  • Components for Sensing and Communication
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Edward Watson
University of Dayton
United States


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Hotel Reservation 7 May 2015 12:00 EDT
Hotel Reservation 7 May 2015
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Advanced Registration 11 May 2015
Qassim Abdullah, Woolpert, United States, Advanced  Sensors Technologies and Platforms to support Today’s Geospatial Mapping Activities , Invited

Jaime Anguita, Universidad de los Andes - Chile, Chile, Invited

Zeb Barber, Montana State University - Spectrum Lab, United States, High Resolution FMCW Ladar for Imaging and Metrology , Invited

Esther Baumann, National Inst of Standards & Technology, United States, Comb-calibrated FMCW ladar for Ranging and Imaging , Invited

Joe Buck, Lockheed Martin, United States, Optical Aperture Synthesis and Compressive Sensing , Invited

Gerald Buller, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, Single-photon Depth Imaging in Free-space and Underwater , Invited

Jean-Daniel Deschênes, Université Laval, Canada, Invited

Fabio Di Teodoro, Raytheon SAS, United States, High-power Fiber Lasers for Long-range Remote Sensing and Communication Applications , Invited

Daniele Faccio, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, Invited

Philip Gatt, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies, United States, Invited

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