Adaptive Optics: Analysis, Methods & Systems (AO)

Adaptive Optics: Analysis, Methods & Systems (AO)

25 - 28 July 2016
Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

New developments in adaptive optics technology and its use in many application areas.

Optical systems, ophthalmology and microscopy, beam propagation, atmospheric correction and other technologies benefit from new developments in and novel applications of adaptive optics. AO investigates the commonality and possible synergies between the adaptive optics methods developed and used by various communities pursuing different applications. Topics include AO systems/component technologies, wavefront correction optics, control algorithms, imaging through scattering and turbid media, and signal processing used in AO implementations as well as limitations and novel applications.

Julian Christou
Large Binocular Telescope Observatory

Gordon Love
University of Durham
United Kingdom


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Abstract and Summary Submission 22 March 2016 12:00 EDT
Abstract and Summary Submission 22 March 2016
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Hotel Reservation 24 June 2016
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Advanced Registration 27 June 2016
Martin Booth, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, Invited

Christopher Dainty, University College London, Ireland, Invited

Jesus Lancis, Universitat Jaume I, Spain, Invited

Michael Pircher, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, Invited

Roberto Ragazzoni, Italy, Invited

John Sutter, Diamond Light Source, Invited

Brian Vohnsen, University College Dublin, Ireland, Invited

Ulrich Wittrock, Muenster University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Invited

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