Sixth “Rio de la Plata” Workshop on Laser dynamics and Nonlinear Photonics

09 Dec 2013 - 12 Dec 2013

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

Cristina Masoller

Lasers: General laser theory; Semiconductor lasers; Microcavity and microdisk lasers; Photonic crystal lasers; Laser design and operation; Dynamical laser instabilities; Noisy laser behavior; Beam characteristics; Spatial pattern formation; Laser applications; Laser spectroscopy. Nonlinear optics: Phase conjugation; Beam trapping, self-focusing and defocusing; Self-phase modulation; Optical frequency converters; Optical bistability, multistability, and switching; Dynamics of nonlinear optical systems; Optical instabilities, optical chaos and complexity; Optical spatio–temporal dynamics; solitons; nonlinear guided waves and waveguides. Optical materials and nanophotonics: Nonlinear optical crystals; Photorefractive and Semiconductor materials; Photonic bandgap materials; metamaterials and plasmonics; Nonlinear behavior in nanophotonics.