Rugged Micro-Optic Packaging for Extreme Environments Webinar

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Rugged Micro-Optic Packaging for Extreme Environments Webinar

16 Jan 2013 - 16 Jan 2013

Washington, USA

Brooke Hirsch

From the high-vacuum cold environment of space, to the high-pressure, high-temperature environment of down-hole applications, optical assemblies are being deployed in increasingly harsh environments. With its rich history of sending opto-electronics into these extreme settings, Avo Photonics boasts a team of industry-leading engineers with specialized expertise in robust design and manufacturing. In this webinar, Dr. Thomas Haslett, Avo’s Chief Technology Officer, will detail the steps necessary to understand and overcome the challenges of designing and producing rugged micro-optic components for use in extreme environments, from harsh temperatures and pressures to shock and vibration.

Sponsor:Avo Photonics