Photomask 2013,

10 Sep 2013 - 13 Sep 2013
Monterey Conference Center and Monterey Marriott
Monterey, California, USA

Pat Wight
Monterey Conference Center and Monterey Marriott

In 2013, mask makers will be facing another challenging year for the industry. The differentiating elements in more complex optical lithography to support 14nm and even 10nm present real challenges. EUV lithography continues to progress with reticles being a key enabler. We need to excel at EUV, double and triple patterning, ILT, NIL, and all the other varieties of photolithography to support the wafer technology with patterning solutions. The first mention of 450mm wafer technology has again raised the question of larger substrates for masks. What are the justifications and ramifications of a mask size change for advanced lithography? Does direct write or other patterning methods present new opportunities for the larger wafer size instead of larger blanks for optical and EUV reduction reticles? The 33rd Annual SPIE Photomask Symposium, organized by SPIE and BACUS, the International Technical Group of SPIE, provides the forum to present the newest findings, to discuss the most exciting trends, and to ponder reliable solutions in this rapidly developing industry and their effects on the semiconductor lithography.