Optics of Liquid Crystals

Optics of Liquid Crystals

29 Sep 2013 - 04 Oct 2013

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Liang-Chy Chien

The topics of the conference include, but not limited to: 3D Optics, Photonics and Displays Blue Phase Materials, Devices and Applications Composites/Confined Systems/Nano Dispersions Design and Synthesis of Novel/Enhanced Liquid Crystal Optical Materials Diffractive Waveplates / Polarization Gratings Dyes, Photo-Chemistry and Materials with Ultra-High Optical Nonlinearities Holographic and Stereoscopic Systems Instabilities, Pattern Formation and Chaos Laser Beam Steering and Optical Switching Liquid Crystal Based Metamaterials Liquid Crystal Polymers, Elastomers and Gels Liquid Crystal Based Semiconductor Materials Liquid Crystals in Sensing and Metrology Liquid Crystals in Infrared Optics and Optical Communications Liquid Crystals in High Power Laser Systems New Display, Micro/Pico and Laser Display Applications Nonlinear Optics Novel Phenomena in Liquid Crystal and Nano Composites Optics of Lyotropic and Bio-relevant Anisotropic Material Optics of Complex Anisotropic Structures Optical and Photonic Properties Enhanced by Surfaces and Interfaces Photoalignment Technique and Materials Photovoltaics and Solitons in Anisotropic Materials