21st OIDA Annual Forum

03 - 04 November 2014
Washington, DC, USA

OIDA's Annual Forum brings key stakeholders together in Washington, D.C. to maximize discussion between industry, government, and academic decision-makers.

The 2014 Forum will feature:
  • market overviews
  • perspectives on hot topics
  • highlights on activities in diverse geographic regions
  • lessons learned from recent OIDA roadmapping efforts

What attendees are saying of OIDA’s Annual Forum:

Efficient and well planned working meeting with good interaction on topical issues all of us are addressing,” Gary Weiner, Chiral Photonics

“Very valuable information and networking,” Robert Corriveau, CPIC

“Very high quality meeting - content, speakers, attendees. Very informative on industry market data and trends,”  Wayne Seemungal, City University of New York

Check back soon for details on this unique, once-a-year industry forum for the optoelectronics community!