First African Summer School on Optics and Applications to Sustainable Development

First African Summer School on Optics and Applications to Sustainable Development

01 Sep 2013 - 10 Sep 2013

Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia

Prof. Mourad ZGHAL
(+216) 71857000

The school will cover different topics : 1. Theoretical methods and experimental techniques; 2. Environmental applications of optics/lasers; 3. Industrial applications and material processing; 4. Medical/Biomedical applications; 5. Homeland security; 6. Optical communications; etc. The program will also contain participant's oral and poster presentations. The summer school is intended to be the first of a series of schools/workshops that are going to be organised periodically by universities in African countries, in order to provide education and training for African advanced graduate students, and postdocs faculty who would like to acquire sufficient knowledge to begin having an impact in research areas based on optics, laser science and technology. The objectives of the meeting are the following: (1) Host an advanced research and learning meeting by bringing together international and African experts, post-docs, advanced graduate students, and other researchers and giving them, especially the students, a state-of-the-art, cutting edge view of important and exciting research directions; (2) Share information on new breakthroughs in the applications of Optics, photonics, lasers and other light sources to environmental and biological problems; (3) Explore the commonality of interests and promote collaborations between international and African researchers, with special attention paid to promoting women in the research enterprise; (4) Establish joint research projects among different participating Institutions; (5) Enhancing the international visibility and capacity of African science and technology.