Carrier SDN for Multi-layer Control: Savings and Services

Carrier SDN for Multi-layer Control: Savings and Services

07 May 2014 - 07 May 2014

Washington, DC, USA

Jessica Pagonis

Network operators today face significant operational challenges when it comes to provisioning services that span multiple networking layers. Network operations in traditional carrier environments are complex and involve both multiple vendor-specific management systems and operational support systems and processes that span multiple organizational boundaries. SDN with its concept of network programmability has the promise to speed provisioning in such environments. With the plethora of legacy systems and protocols in traditional carrier networks, however, a pragmatic SDN controller approach that is modular and encourages a multi-vendor controller environment is very appealing in comparison to monolithic controllers. This webinar will present a proof of concept SDN framework that was developed using IETF’s Application Based Network Operations (ABNO) approach to support the orchestration and provisioning of services across a multi-vendor, multi-layer IP/MPLS and optical transport network. It will cover concepts relating to multi-layer SDN, including automating network and service provisioning, orchestration of multi-layer operations, ensuring a modular SDN control layer architecture, and associated enabling technologies, such as OpenFlow, NETCONF, REST, PCE, BGP-LS, and GMPLS.