2nd BioPhotonics Workshop

17 Jul 2013 - 19 Jul 2013
Barry Lam Hall
Taipei, Taiwan

Sheng-Lung Huang
8862-33663700 348
Barry Lam Hall

The Workshop will bring together researchers worldwide to exchange their knowledge and experience, as well as their research developments in the area of light-based techniques for medicine, life science, agriculture, environmental science and many other areas of application. The first BioPhotonics workshop was held in Parma, Italy in June 2011. Workshop technical sessions will mainly focus on the following topics: Sensing/sorting platforms: Biosensor, fiber sensor, point of care testing, optofluidics, flow cytometry, gradient forces techniques Bio imaging techniques: Photoacoustics, diffusion, scattering, fluorescence, plasmonics, Raman, X-ray, Gamma ray, synchrotron radiation Cellular tomography: Optical coherence tomography, phase tomography, X-ray tomography Molecular imaging: Confocal Raman microscopy, chemical imaging, other nonlinear microscopies Spectroscopy: Terahertz, confocal fluorescence, Raman, other nonlinear techniques Clinical diagnostics: In vivo techniques, optical coherence tomography, diffuse optical tomography, endoscopy Therapy: Image guided therapeutic techniques, photodynamic therapy, laser surgery Computational methods: Light scattering, image analysis/reconstruction tools, visualization techniques

Sponsor: National Science Council, Taiwan OSA Taiwan Chapter IEEE Photonics Society Taipei Chapter Crystalvue Medical Corporation