What's Wrong with My Image Webinar

What's Wrong with My Image Webinar

28 Nov 2012 - 28 Nov 2012

Washington, DC, United States


An introduction to specifying and testing Optical Imaging Systems. We've all had moments when a lens and camera do not produce the results we expected. Sometimes the lens design is adequate, but the lens was not built properly. Sometimes the prototype lens performs well, but the production lenses do not. Sometimes the lens is great, but it's just the wrong lens for the job. Producing a satisfactory imaging system requires starting with the right specifications, and then making sure your lens meets those specifications. This presentation will provide a brief introduction to specifying a lens for your optical system, and a discussion of how to test assembled optical imaging systems to evaluate performance. This presentation explores different methods of system metrology, including subjective tests such as visual star tests and resolution testing (1951 USAF), as well as objective methods such as interferometry and bench/MTF testing. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of how to diagnose and resolve optical problems – from manufacturing errors to specification errors.