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Exhibitors & Advertisers FAQs

What are the exhibit fees?

Please visit the Exhibits page on the OSA web site for rates.

Who should I contact to ask a question related to exhibiting?

To obtain more information, please call +1 202.416.1428+1 202.416.1428 or email exhibitsales@osa.org.

How can I purchase a mailing list of the attendees?

Attendee mailing lists are available for rental by exhibiting companies only. Contact Shantelice White for information about renting mailing lists. Call +1 202.416.1972+1 202.416.1972 or email the Registration Manager. Only mailing addresses are available. The cost varies by meeting. Most lists are sent as Excel documents and are available for one-time use. Custom sorts may be available.

I want to secure a promotional opportunity that is listed on the meeting’s website. What do I do? And how can I inquire about an opportunity that is not listed?

Call or email our exhibit sales staff: Crystal Krason, at +1.202.416.1428+1.202.416.1428 or ckrason@osa.org.

What is included in the price for a 10’ x 10’ booth?

What is included will differ based on the meeting. For those meetings where a General Service Contractor is available, booths will also include the starred (*) items:
  • Standard drapery (*)
  • Company identification sign on your booth
  • One Technical Digest per 100 sq. ft. of booth space reserved
  • One Full Technical Conference badge per 100 sq. ft. of booth space reserved
  • Exhibit staff badges for employees working in your booth (Unlimited for OFC/NFOEC, CLEO: Expo and FiO; two for all other meetings)
  • Your company's profile listing in the Buyers' Guide/Exhibit Guide (depending on the date of the signed contract)
  • Company profile listing in the mobile app for OFC/NFOEC, CLEO and FiO
  • Your company's name on the meeting’s web site
  • Exhibitor Services Manual (electronic version)
Note, short courses require a separate fee for admission for all meetings and are not included with the full technical conference badge.

Who is the general service contractor?

For OFC/NFOEC, CLEO: Expo and FiO, the General Service Contractor is Hargrove Inc.

Hargrove, Inc.
1 Hargrove Drive
Lanham, MD 20706 USA
Tel: +1 301.731.2555+1 301.731.2555

We know of another company that wants to exhibit in our booth. Can they do that?

Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or apportion space in whole or in part, nor exhibit any products or services other than those manufactured or handled in the normal course of his business, nor permit any agent or any exhibiting firm to solicit business in said space. If special circumstances warrant an exception, permission must be obtained in writing from the management team, which reserves the right to render final judgment. Additional Exhibit Guide listings are unlimited and free. For more information about obtaining additional exhibit space, contact Exhibit Sales. Subleasing or multiple-company sharing of exhibit space is subject to the following conditions:
  • National government agents may sponsor a multiple-company exhibit.
  • Minimum space allocation shall be 100 square feet per company represented, unless tabletop spaces are available. Tabletops are 40 square feet..
  • All co-tenants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this contract

What types of sponsorships are available?

Typical sponsorship options include registration bags, registration area signage, special event receptions, coffee and/or refreshment breaks, email stations, badge lanyards, and print advertising. We are interested in hearing about other ideas for sponsorships. To inquire about a sponsorship opportunity, please contact +1.202.416.1942+1.202.416.1942 or email sales@osa.org.

When will the Exhibitor Service Manual be mailed?

For OFC/NFOEC, CLEO: Expo and FiO, login credentials and a link to the online service manual are emailed to the primary contact on record for each exhibiting company approximately 4-6 months prior to the meeting. For the Topical Meetings and Optics & Photonics Congresses, the information will be provided approximately 2-3 months prior to the start of the meeting. All information will also be posted on the web site for each meeting.All service manuals are electronic; no paper versions are mailed.

Can I change my booth location?

For OFC/NFOEC, CLEO: Expo and FiO we maintain a wait list, and all companies may be moved on a space-available basis. For Topical Meetings and Optics & Photonics Congresses, space assignments are made on-site based on selected criteria, including date of receipt of contract, electrical services needed, etc.

What furnishings are provided with my tabletop space?

In most instances, a 6' x 2' skirted table, a company ID sign, 2 chairs, carpet, and a wastebasket are included in the rental space. However, Exhibit Management reserves the right to substitute or change this based on the resources available from the facility. In those cases, the exhibitor will be notified about what is available. The entire display must fit on the surface of the table. Displays may not extend behind, in front of, or beyond the sides of the table. Displays may extend a maximum of 5’ 6” from the table’s surface for a total maximum height of 8’ including the table. If desired, the exhibitor may forego the table provided and display all materials in a space not to exceed 6 feet long by 2 feet deep by 8 feet high. Instructions on how to order additional services, such as electric, will be available in the Exhibitor Service Manual provided for each meeting. Any additional costs will be the exhibitor’s responsibility. Additional furniture is not available to order for tabletops.

Do I receive any benefits if I exhibit?

In addition to fostering lasting partnerships with your current customers while also gaining new prospects and growing greater brand visibility, as an exhibitor at any OSA-hosted conference or topical meeting you might be able to take advantage of other cost-saving benefits. For more information, please call +1 202.416.1428+1 202.416.1428 or email exhibitsales@osa.org.

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