2013 OSA Annual Student Leadership Conference

2013 OSA Annual Student Leadership Conference

Video Title/Description
2013 Student Leadership Conference - Serendipity – Dr. Stephen Fantone – Part 12 of 14

OSA Treasurer and CEO of Optikos Steve Fantone delivers a keynote presentation highlighting his experience in the field with regards to academia, industry, volunteer roles, family life, and the serendipitous events that have connected them all throug

2013 Student Leadership Conference - Welcome Remarks – Elizabeth Rogan – Part 1 of 14

OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan welcomes the students and invites them to vote on who they think will be the next Nobel Prize Winner.

2013 Student Leadership Conference - Student Chapter Benefits Orientation – Part 2 of 14

John Taylor goes over housekeeping, students participate in an ice-breaker activity, and receive a Student Chapter Benefits Orientation, which includes information on chapter compliance and using the Student Chapter Portal.

2013 Student Leadership Conference - The Nanjing University OSA Student Chapter and Youth Education Outreach – Part 4 of 14

Tingting Zhang from Nanjing University shares the Youth Education outreach activities that her chapter was involved in during the past year.

2013 Student Leadership Conference - The Nicolaus Copernicus University OSA Student Chapter and IONS part 8 of 14

Sylwia Maliszewska and Krzysztof Maliszewski from the Nicolaus Copernicus OSA Student Chapter discuss their experiences with hosting IONS-14 Torun.

2013 Student Leadership Conference - Small Student Chapter Excellence Award Winner - Part 9 of 14

Monica Cynthia-Hernandez representing the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León OSA Student Chapter, the Small Student Chapter Excellence Award Winner, shares the achievements of her chapter throughout the past year.

2013 Student Leadership Conference - Large Student Chapter Excellence Award Runner-Up - Part 10 of 14

Matthew Lew representing the Stanford Optical Society OSA Student Chapter, the Large Chapter Excellence Award Finalist, shares the achievements of his chapter throughout the past year.

2013 Student Leadership Conference - The International Year of Light and OSA Student Chapters – Dr. Anthony Johnson – Part 13 of 14

OSA Past President Anthony Johnson addresses students with information on the coming International Year of Light as well as a call to action to get involved with this auspicious event.

2013 Student Leadership Conference - Announcement of the Student Chapter Excellence Award Winners - Part 11 of 14

John Taylor announces the winners of the 2013 Student Chapter Excellence Awards.

2013 Student Leadership Conference - IONS – Part 7 of 14

OSA Young Professional Volunteer Antigone Marino presents on the International OSA Network of Students (IONS) program.