2004 FiO/LS Symposium of Optics & Renaissance Painting

2004 FiO/LS Symposium on Optics and Renaissance Painting
October 13, 2004
Rochester, NY, USA
  • How much optics did medieval and Renaissance scholars know? David C. Lindberg, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Optical instruments and realism in European Art ca. 1400-1800 Walter Liedtke; Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA
  • Liberal or Mechanical? Optical aids and Renaissance Art Paul Duro; Department of Art and Art History Univ. of Rochester, USA
  • Optics and The Old Masters, Charles M. Falco, David Hockney, Optical sciences Ctr., USA, Independant artist, USA
  • Did early Renaissance masters use optical projections while painting? David G. Stork; Stanford Univ., USA
  • Against the Hockney-Falco thesis: Glass and metal mirrors of the 15th century could not project Undistorted Images Sara J. Schechner; Collection of Hisotrical Sceintific Instruments, Dept. of the History of Sceince, Harvard Univ., USA
  • Renaissance vision from spectacles to telescopes Vincent Ilardi; Univ. of Massachusetts, USA