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John Donegan shares the story of the inspiration he received from his Ph.D. advisor--OSA Stories

John Donegan, Univ. of Dublin Trinity College, Ireland, credits his Ph.D. advisor with inspiring him to pursue a career in optics--OSA Stories

Byoung Yoon Kim talks about being able to work both in the science and in the industry--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Byoung Yoon Kim, KAIST, So. Korea, enjoys working in a field where the basic science meets real applications--OSA Stories

Gabriella Bosco's, most exciting work is on optical transmission systems--OSA Stories

OSA Sr. Member Gabriella Bosco, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, discusses the changes that are constantly taking place working in optical transmission systems--OSA Stories

Vasudevan Lakshminararyanan talks about the multi-disciplinary aspects of his work--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Vasudevan Lakshminararyanan, University of Waterloo, Canada, works across a wide variety of disciplines--OSA Stories

Charles Falco talks about the different areas of optics he works in--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Charles Falco, University of Arizona, USA, uses his optics knowledge to work in the history of science and the history of art--OSA Stories

Jay Eastman shares why he has pursued a career in optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Jay Eastman, Optel, Inc. reflects on how making riflescopes as a teenager, hearing an optical engineer's salary in the 70s and wanting to start his own business led him down the path to work in optics.--OSA Stories

Steve Burns came to his first OSA Annual Meeting in the 70s because he was studying human color vision--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Steve Burns, Indiana University, USA, shares the story of going from working in color vision to imaging of the back of the eye--OSA Stories

Philip Bucksbaum likes pushing the limits--OSA Stories

2014 OSA President and OSA Fellow Philip Bucksbaum, Stanford University, USA, talks about pushing the limits into short time scales--OSA Stories

OSA 2009 President Tom Baer reflects back on being an undergraduate and why he decided to pursue optics--OSA Stories

OSA 2009 President and OSA Fellow Thomas Baer, Stanford University, USA, talks about the possibilities that optics offered was the reason he pursued a career in optics--OSA Stories

Henry Van Driel likes that their is always something new to investigate in optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Henry Van Driel, University of Toronto, Canada, doesn't work in any sub field for more than a few years, try to make a contribution and them move to something new--OSA Stories

Jean Michel Pelaprat talks about diversity in photonics-OSA Stories

Jean-Michel Pelapret, Figulus, USA, enjoys meeting a lot of people and working with diverse applications--OSA Stories

Juerg Leuthold beliefes that "when you do optics, you do everything."--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow and OSA Board Member Juerg Leuthold, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, talks about doing theory, experimentation and interpretation when using optics--OSA Stories

John Alcock talks about a project he's working on that uses lasers--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow John Alcock, National Research Council Canada, is retired, but still working on a project that involves a Cesium Fountain Clock--OSA Stories.

Giovanni Volpe talks about using optics as a tool to do advanced physics--OSA Stories

2016 OSA Ambassador, Giovanni Volpe, Bilkent Universitesi, Turkey, shares the excitement he feels in being able to use optics-enabled technology like optical tweezers to explore the next frontiers in physics--OSA Stories

Peter de Groot's current work in achored in tradition yet constantly changing--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Peter de Groot, Zygo Corporation, USA, shares that that the secret to his work is "reading the old books" and using what's available in the marketplace to realize what people knew before but is now possible--OSA Stories

Peter Andersen talks about using photonics for diagnosing disease--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Peter Andersen, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark, shares the work he is doing in making the world a healthier place--OSA Stories

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