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Jean-Phillipe MacLean enjoys the community aspect of being an OSA member--OSA Stories

Jean-Phillipe MacLean, University of Waterloo, Canada, finds the connections you make from being an OSA member invaluable--OSA Stories

Eyal Feigenbaum talks about the rewarding work he is doing at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory--OSA Stories

Eyal Feigenbaum, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, enjoys working on real-life problems with experts in different disciplines--OSA Stories

Arnab Hazani's parents were his first inspiration for studying optics--OSA Stories

Arnab Hazani, University of Michigan, USA, shares some of the reasons why he decided on a career in optics--OSA Stories

Luc Thévenaz talks about being an OSA member--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Luc Thévenaz, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland, shares his thoughts on what OSA means to him--OSA Stories

Ingo Rimke talks about the work his company is doing--OSA Stories

Ingo Rimke, APE GmbH, Germany, enjoys collaborating with universities and research institutes--OSA Stories

Alphan Sennaroglu gets excited about generating new knowledge pertaining to optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Alphan Sennaroglu, Koç University, Turkey, finds being able to educate the next generation of researchers extremely satisfying--OSA Stories

Shekhar Guha reflects on his work in nonlinear optics--OSA Stories

OSA Senior Member Shekhar Guha, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, USA, is excited about all of the ways in which the field of optics continue to grow--OSA Stories

Carlos Hernandez-Garcia shares his experiences as president of an OSA Student Chapter--OSA Stories

Carlos Hernandez-Garcia, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, talks about how being an OSA member has impacted him--OSA Stories

George Keiser talks about working in at a small liberal arts college--OSA Stories

George Keiser, Brown University, USA, is excited to use his research to work with undergraduate students--OSA Stories

Gaurav Bahl is shares some of the things he values as an OSA member--OSA Stories

Gaurav Bahl, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, talks about why he values OPN, OSA's monthly magazine for members--OSA Stories

Ruxin Li talks collaborating with his colleagues--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Ruxin Li, Shanghai Institute of Optics & Fine Mechanics, China, shares what he enjoys about his work--OSA Stories

Andrejus Michailovas discusses how he first became interested in lasers--OSA Stories

Andrejus Michailovas, EKSPLA, Lithuania, credits one of his professors with getting him thinking about optics as a career--OSA Stories

Hiromasa Ito talks about his work in nonlinear optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Hiromasa Ito, RIKEN, Japan, shares a bit about the work he is doing in nonlinear optics--OSA Stories

Sarah Lau shares why she is excited for the future of optics--OSA Stories

Sarah Lau, University of Queensland, Australia, talks about optics as a linchpin--OSA Stories

Jay Dawson talks about laser source development--OSA Stories

Jay Dawson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, shares the current work he is doing in laser source development--OSA Stories

Min Gu talks about what currently interest him--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Min GU, Swinburne Univ. of Technology, Australia, shares his excitement for nanophotonics--OSA Stories

Jean-Michel Raimond shares how he became interested in photonics--OSA Stories

Jean-Michel Raimond, LKB, ENS, France, had an early interest in quantum physics--OSA Stories

Tom Metzger shares what excites him about the work he is doing--OSA Stories

Tom Metzger, TRUMPF Scientific Lasers, Germany talks about how he enjoys doing laser development while working at a big company--OSA Stories

Xin Jiang's father gave him an experiment to do as a young child that made him interested in light--OSA Stories

Xin Jiang, Max Planck Institute for Science of Light, Germany, shares the story of how his father showed him how to set a piece of paper on fire--OSA Stories