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Brian Monacelli's high school basketball coach played a part in why Brian ended up in optics--OSA Stories

Brian Monacelli, Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, USA, talks about a coach stepping in to restart his high school's physics dept. played a role in sparking his interest in optics--OSA Stories

Nobel Laureate John Mather shares how an interest in telescopes as a child let him to study optics--OSA Stories

Nobel Laureate and OSA Honorary Member John Mather, NASA Goddard Flight Center, USA, remembers loving astronomy when he was young and how that developed into a career in optics--OSA Stories

Amit Ashok talks about how studying radio frequency as grad student in South Africa--OSA Stories

Amit Ashok, University of Arizona, USA, recalls how moving from RADAR frequency to optics--OSA Stories

Sebastian Hofferberth shares what excites him about his work--OSA Stories

Sebastian Hofferberth, University of Stuttgart, Germany, likes combining the new with the old--OSA Stories

Benjamin Perez-Garcia talks about the work he's doing with algorithms--OSA Stories

Benjamin Perez-Garcia, Techologico de Monterrey, Mexico, shares how he looks forward to seeing the work he's doing in the lab make its way into real life applications--OSA Stories

Sarah Lau gets her inspiration from her Ph.D. supervisor--OSA Stories

Sarah Lau, University of Queensland, Australia, credits her supervisor, Prof. Andrew White, with inspiring her to stay curious about optics--OSA Stories

Clint Schow talks about how OSA has impacted his career--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Clint Schow, Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara, shares his experience volunteering to organize OFC--OSA Stories

Michal Lipson shares how having parents who were physicists shaped her career--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Michal Lipson, Columbia University, USA, talks about coming from a family of physicists--OSA Stories

Rim Cherif talks about the many reasons she's an OSA member--OSA Stories

2017 OSA Ambassador Rim Cherif, University of Carthage, Tunisia, shares how being an OSA member has given her many opportunities to advance her career--OSA Stories

James Van Howe discusses the work he is doing with collaborators and friends--OSA Stories

James Van Howe, Augustana College, USA, shares the collaborative efforts he and colleagues he met through OSA are doing--OSA Stories

Takunori Taira talks about active socket radio--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Takunori Taira, Inst. for Molecular Science, Japan, talks about taking active socket radio waves and wavelengths, and making them shorter until they are in the right wavelength--OSA Stories

Bob Jopson likes the problem-solving aspect of his work--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Bob Jopson, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, USA, enjoys discovering new physics when trying to find a solution for a problem--OSA Stories

Changhe Zhou talks about why he stays in the field of optics--OSA Stories

Changhe Zhou, Shanghai Inst. of Optics & Fine Mechanics, China, shares the fun of working in optics--OSA Stories

Fred Heismann shares opportunities that OSA has given him--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Fred Heismann, IPG Photonics Corp., USA, talks about OSA's conferences and publications--OSA Stories

Clint Schow shares how a class with Joe Campbell inspired him to pursue optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Clint Schow, Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara, credits Joe Campbell with getting him interested in optics--OSA Stories

Fred Heismann shares what he likes about working in fiber optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Fred Heismann, IPG Photonics Corp., USA, likes how fiber optics is the combination of electronics, and optics, and now more and more signal processing--OSA Stories

Yoshitomo Okawachi talks about what he loves about his work--OSA Stories

2017 OSA Ambassador Yoshitomo Okawachi Columbia University, USA, shares how working with a technology like lasers is what makes optics such an exciting and worthwhile field--OSA Stories

Victor Zadkov likes that every step of his research is a discovery of something new--OSA Stories

Victor Zadkov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, describes how discovering something new is like climbing a mountain--OSA Stories

Rim Cherif credits her professor of optical communications with inspiring her to get into optics--OSA Stories

OSA Ambassador Rim Cherif, University of Carthage, Tunisia, was fascinated with optical communications as an engineering student--OSA Stories

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Introducing Optica: OSA’s New Open-Access Journal (Extended Interview)

Alex Gaeta, editor-in-chief of The Optical Society’s (OSA) new open-access journal Optica, discusses the publication’s focus on the rapid dissemination of high-impact results in all areas of optics and photonics.

2017 OFC Plenary Session

Watch OFC presentations from Urs Hölzle, an industrial leader; Meint K. Smit, a research leader; and Mischa Dohler, a visionary speaker linking topics outside OFC’s focus to the conference.

Michal Lipson talks about working to overcome some of the fundamentals in real applications--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Michal Lipson, Columbia Univ., USA, talks the exciting possibilities in manipulating physics--OSA Stories