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Darryl Naidoo tells how being an OSA member has been instrumental in his career--OSA Stories

Darryl Naidoo, Council for Science & Industrial Research, South Africa, shares how being a part of OSA's Student Leadership Conference is one of the ways OSA has helped him--OSA Stories

Christine Cecala work touches on many different types of projects, all involving optics--OSA Stories

Christine Cecala, Corning, Inc., USA, provides customized optical metrology in a role that spans basic research through pilot line production--OSA Stories

David Stork grew up in a family that loved visual things that led to optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow David Stork, Rambus, Inc., USA, shares how growing up in a family that appreciated the visual aspects of life that made him curious about making sense of the visual world-0SA Stories

David Chen talks about the excitment from "injecting light into a tiny fiber"--OSA Stories

David Chen, Verizon Communications Inc., enjoys working in a field that and "communicates in the sub-millisecond or micro-second"--OSA Stories

Kathrin Berkner shares her excitement about making a difference in they people use systems--OSA Stories

Kathrin Berkner, Ricoh Innovations, Inc., talks about innovations that can "enable new things that people can do with imaging"--OSA Stories

Alan Bristow talks about the fun of working with really smart students--OSA Stories

OSA Sr. Member Alan Bristow, West Virginia University, USA, enjoys "trying to crack open nuggets of knowledge that we haven’t yet been able to get into"--OSA Stories

Alex Gaeta discusses the work he and his graduate students are doing--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Alex Gaeta, Columbia Univ., USA, is working on getting nonlinear optics down to its single photon level among other things--OSA Stories

Chrysantha Preza shares how working on a computational imaging project led her to study optics--OSA

Chrysantha Preza, Univ. of Memphis, USA, discovered that she wanted to work in optics as a graduate student--OSA Stories

Ayan Chakrabarty talks about the excitement of building an instrument that has never been seen before--OSA Stories

Ayan Chakrabarty, Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech, USA, is working on building an instrument that has the potential to unlock some of the mysteries of the universe--OSA Stories

Byoungho Lee talks about the work he is doing in plasmotics and 3D display--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Byoungho Lee, Seoul National University, S. Korea, discusses his work in high quality interactive 3D displays--OSA Stories

Cristina Canaves reflects back on when she decided to pursue optics--OSA Stories

Cristina Canaves, Univ. of Rochester, USA, talks about getting into fiber optics--OSA Stories

2017 OSA Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Sciences - Plenary Presenter Dr. Laura Waller

Plenary wrap up with Dr. Laura Waller, University of California Berkeley. Computational Microscopy for High-Throughput Science

Dario Polli shares how a class with Prof. Svelto inspired him to pursue his current career--OSA Stories

Dario Polli, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, credits OSA Fellow Prof. Orazio Svelto with inspiring him to pursue a career in optics--OSA Stories

Bill Munro talks about changing the rules--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow William Munro, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan, shares what excites him about working in the industry--OSA Stories

Changxu Liu talks about the work his university is doing on water desalination--OSA Stories

Changxu Liu, King Abdullah Univ. of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia, shares how applied optics help create a low cost, high efficiency water desalination--OSA Stories

Most Popular Videos

Introducing Optica: OSA’s New Open-Access Journal (Extended Interview)

Alex Gaeta, editor-in-chief of The Optical Society’s (OSA) new open-access journal Optica, discusses the publication’s focus on the rapid dissemination of high-impact results in all areas of optics and photonics.

2017 OFC Plenary Session

Watch OFC presentations from Urs Hölzle, an industrial leader; Meint K. Smit, a research leader; and Mischa Dohler, a visionary speaker linking topics outside OFC’s focus to the conference.

CAM Dana Kraliceh

Dana Kralicek, University of Arizona, USA, explains just how ‘weird’ indium islands can get on a semiconductor at the Quantum NanoOptics of Semiconductors Group.

Bake Your Own Droplet Lens - Biomedical Optics Express Research

Australian National University’s Steve Lee describes his team’s new process to create inexpensive high quality lenses that will cost less than a penny apiece. The research was published April 24, 2014 in Biomedical Optics Express. Video courtesy ANU.

JIm Kafka reflects back on joing OSA as a student and how a visit to OSA led to a friendship with Jarus Quinn--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Jim Kafka, Spectra-Physics, USA, tells the story of how visiting OSA as a young student led him to a friendship with Jarus Quinn, Executive Director from 1969-1994.