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Fariza Suhailin talks about when she first discovered optics--OSA Stories

Fariza Suhailin, Univ. of Southampton, U.K., shares when she started to become interested in optics and lasers--OSA Stories

James Kakalios presents The Physics of Superheroes at the March for Science

James Kakalios, teaches an audience about the human superpower, intelligence, through an exploration of connections to real-life physics and optical properties in one of the last places you would expect to find them- among super heroes in comic books

Joseph Ford recounts how an undergrad class at UCLA sparked his interest in optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Joseph Ford, Univ. of Calif., San Diego, USA, shares the story of how a professor in one of his ungrad physics classes use of an aquarium and laser beam made him want to study optics--OSA Stories

Leo Spiekman reminisces about how he get interested in optics--OSA Stories

Leo Spiekman, Aoen Imaging, LLC, USA, credits an optical waveguide with his interest in pursuing a career in optics--OSA Stories

Masataka Nakazawa shares the path that led him to a career in optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Masataka Nakazawa, Tohoku Univ, Japan, talks about the inspiration he found in graduate school that led him to his first job--OSA Stories

Loukas Paraschis recounts how he became interested in optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Loukas Paraschis, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA, discovered an interest in optics in graduate school--OSA Stories

Masatoshi Suzuki on his work with optical fiber systems--OSA

OSA Fellow Masatoshi Suzuki, KDDI R&D Laboratories, Japan, talks about his work with optical fiber systems--OSA Stories

Daniel Blumenthal is excited about the work he is doing in integration--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Daniel Blumenthal, Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara, USA, started his career working with big lasers on a table and now works with getting as much function on a chip as possible--OSA Stories

Grover Swartzlander recounts how burning his hands as a young boy led to an interest in optics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Grover Swartzlander, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, became fascinated by light after doing his own experiment with a light bulb--OSA Stories

David Hagan talks about interactions in materials with very different wavelengths--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow David Hagan, Univ. of Central Florida, CREOL, USA, shares the excitement that comes from seeing applications come from the theoretical work he does--OSA Stories

Qingming Luo shares the work he is doing in neurophotonics--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Qingming Luo, Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology, China, discusses the work he is doing in brain imaging--OSA Stories

Groot Gregory shares his work in optical engineering--OSA Stories

Groot Gregory, Synopsis, Inc., USA, enjoys working in an industry that develops commercial applications that people use every day--OSA Stories

Michael Fiddy discusses light interacting with metamaterials--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow, Michael Fiddy, Univ. of No. Carolina at Charlotte, USA, shares why working in optics has led him to discovering something new every day--OSA Stories

Kazuhide Nakajima talks about new types of optical fibers--OSA Stories

Kazuhide Nakajima, NTT Corp., Japan, shares the work he is doing that will help our future communication network--OSA Stories

Caroline Kulcsar discusses work on optical benches--OSA Stories

Caroline Kulcsar, Institut d'Optique Graduate School, France, talks about applying some of the theoretical methods she has worked on--OSA Stories

Mike Duncan talks about when he first knew he wanted to get into optics--OSA Stories

Michael Duncan, OSA Fellow and OSA Sr. Science Advisor, suspects that lasers are a great hook to get students interested in optics--OSA Stories

2017 CLEO Plenary: Ataç İmamoğlu

Dr. Ataç İmamoğlu of ETH Zurich presents their talk on Polaritons in Two-dimensional Electron Systems.

2017 CLEO Plenary: Ursula Keller

Dr. Ursula Keller of ETH Zurich presents their talk on Ultrafast Solid-state Lasers: A Success Story with No End in Sight.

2017 CLEO Plenary: Christopher Contag

Dr. Christopher Contag of Stanford presents their talk on Insertable, Implantable and Wearable Micro-optical Devices for the Early Detection of Cancer.

Most Popular Videos

Introducing Optica: OSA’s New Open-Access Journal (Extended Interview)

Alex Gaeta, editor-in-chief of The Optical Society’s (OSA) new open-access journal Optica, discusses the publication’s focus on the rapid dissemination of high-impact results in all areas of optics and photonics.

Philip Russell on How His Love of Music Introduced him to Science--OSA Stories

2015 OSA President and OSA Fellow Philip Russell, Max Plank Instiute for the Science of Light, Germany, discusses how his love of music as a teenager started him down the path to work in optics.

James Fujimoto on his Research in Biomedical Optical Imagining - OSA Stories

OSA Fellow James Fujimoto, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, talks about the research his group is doing in biomedical optical imaging.

Alexandra Boltasseva on her excitement about working in a field where new discoveries change the world--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Alexandra Boltasseva, Purdue University, USA, talks about her excitement of being a part of this quest on the way to new scientific discoveries and new innovations.