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Quantum Computing: How Close Are We?

Edwin Cartlidge

Industry has joined the race to build a universal quantum computer. But the task is daunting. Continue Reading



» FLIR, Boston Scientific Acquire Niche Imaging Firms – 07 Oct
» TRUMPF Launches Venture Capital Fund – 19 Sep
» Record Sales Seen for German Machine Vision – 16 Sep
» U.S. Solar-Energy Pricing Continues to Drop – 25 Aug



Steel wool sparks in a monument. [Taken from the 2014 After Image photo contest.]

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Clearing "Visual Noise" to Improve Underwater Vision and Deep Sea Exploration

24 October 2016
Mankind has long been peering into the depths of the sea. From finding fish to avoiding rocks, the ability to see as far as possible through turbi...

Innovative Technique for Shaping Light Could Solve Bandwidth Crunch

19 October 2016
As data demands continue to grow, scientists predict that it’s only a matter of time before today’s telecommunication networks reach capacity unles...

The Optical Society Elects Ursula Gibson as 2017 Vice President

19 October 2016
The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to announce that its members have elected Ursula Gibson of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology,...

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Estimation of the GSSM calibration error

Applied Optics, Vol. 55 Issue 31, pp.8884-8892 (2016)
The calibration of the tertiary mirror of the Thirty Meter Telescope, also known as the giant science steering mirror (GSSM), is a step of great si...

Power-scaled dissipative soliton using double-cladding-pumped Yb-doped all-fiber amplifier

Photonics Research, Vol. 4 Issue 6, pp.277-280 (2016)
We report on an all-fiber oscillator followed by an all-fiber amplifier to produce as short as 382 fs laser pulses with up to 0.9 W average ...

Beam steering and impedance matching of plasmonic horn nanoantennas

Optics Express, Vol. 24 Issue 22, pp.25647-25652 (2016)
In this paper, we study a plasmonic horn nanoantenna on a metal-backed substrate. The horn nanoantenna structure consists of a two-wire transmissio...

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