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Quantum Computing: How Close Are We?

Edwin Cartlidge

Industry has joined the race to build a universal quantum computer. But the task is daunting. Continue Reading



» FLIR, Boston Scientific Acquire Niche Imaging Firms – 07 Oct
» TRUMPF Launches Venture Capital Fund – 19 Sep
» Record Sales Seen for German Machine Vision – 16 Sep
» U.S. Solar-Energy Pricing Continues to Drop – 25 Aug



Steel wool sparks in a monument. [Taken from the 2014 After Image photo contest.]

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OSA Incubator on Emerging Connections in Quantum and Classical Optics

28 October 2016
The Optical Society (OSA) will host an Incubator meeting on “Emerging Connections in Quantum and Classical Optics,” on Monday, 7 November and Tuesd...

The 100th Annual Meeting of The Optical Society and FiO Celebrated with 2,300 Attendees

27 October 2016
For 100 years, the optical science community has been gathering to discuss the latest advances in all areas of the field of optics and photonics at...

Clearing "Visual Noise" to Improve Underwater Vision and Deep Sea Exploration

24 October 2016
Mankind has long been peering into the depths of the sea. From finding fish to avoiding rocks, the ability to see as far as possible through turbi...

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Doppler-free dual-comb spectroscopy of Rb using optical-optical double resonance technique

Optics Express, Vol. 24 Issue 22, pp.25894-25904 (2016)
We present a Doppler-free high-resolution dual-comb spectroscopy technique in which a dual-comb system is employed to perform optical-optical doubl...

Toward an integrated device for spatiotemporal superposition of free-electron lasers and laser pulses

Optics Letters, Vol. 41 Issue 21, pp.5090-5093 (2016)
Free-electron lasers (FELs) currently represent a step forward on time-resolved investigations on any phase of matter through pump-probe methods in...

Heralded single excitation of atomic ensemble via solid-state-based telecom photon detection

Optica, Vol. 3 Issue 11, pp.1279-1284 (2016)
Telecom photonic quantum networks with matter quantum systems enable a rich variety of applications, such as long-distance quantum cryptography and...

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