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Meta-Optics with Mie Resonances

Yuri Kivshar and Andrey Miroshnichenko

Optical magnetic responses and subwavelength localization of light, driven by Mie resonances in high-index nanoparticles, could spur new, breakthrough applications for nanoantennas, nanolasers, highly efficient metasurfaces and ultrafast meta­devices. Continue Reading



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Entimus imperialis’ photonic polycrystal
Scales covering the elytra of the Brazilian diamond beetle display iridescent photonic polycrystals. The iridescence arises from light interference within the optical structures that constitute the scales. [Honorable Mention 2016 After Image photo contest.] 

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OIDA Forecasts Moderate Growth in 2017 for the Photonics Industry

17 January 2017
OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA), a trade association operated as a division of The Optical Society, has published a forecast on global p...

The Optical Society Encourages Optics and Photonics Community to Review Notice of Inquiry

13 January 2017
The U.S. Department of State and the Department of Commerce published a Notice of Inquiry in the Federal Register to seek public opinion on Categor...

PhoeniX Software Annual Training 20-24 February 2017

12 January 2017
PhoeniX Software is holding a 5 day course in photonic chip design, 20-24 February 2017. Training will provide an overview of the latest status of...

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Evaluating Modular Node Architectures With Limited Shelf Interconnection [Invited]

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 9 Issue 2, pp.A176-A188 (2017)
In order to simplify and speed up optical network dimensioning, the client-to-line ports interconnection restrictions imposed by the node architect...

Multi-event waveform-retrieved distributed optical fiber acoustic sensor using dual-pulse heterodyne phase-sensitive OTDR

Optics Letters, Vol. 42 Issue 3, pp.442-445 (2017)
We demonstrate a novel type of distributed optical fiber acoustic sensor, with the ability to detect and retrieve actual temporal waveforms of mult...

Generation of second-harmonic beams with switchable curved trajectories

Optica, Vol. 4 Issue 1, pp.153-156 (2017)
Beams which follow curved trajectories are useful in a variety of applications, but up to now have been realized mainly in linear media. We demonst...

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