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Guest editors: Robert D. Guenther and colleagues

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» Investing in the Global Internet of Things – 09 Dec
» U.S. Universities Rank High for “Employability” of Graduates – 22 Nov
» The Trump Effect: A Preliminary Assessment – 17 Nov
» Rolls-Royce, VTT Partner on “Smart Ships” – 15 Nov


Bubbles in sunlight
Motion of carbonated gas under sunlight inside a semi-open bottle of sparkling water. Captured in Berlin using the built-in camera of a Google Nexus 5p.

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Latest News

Researchers Create Hidden Images with Commercial Inkjet Printers

08 December 2016
Researchers have developed a way to use commercial inkjet printers and readily available ink to print hidden images that are only visible when illu...

Luminaries and Leaders in Optical Communications to Deliver Keynote Presentations at OFC 2017

06 December 2016
The world’s leading conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals, today announced the keynote speakers for OFC...

TOPTICA CTL Diode Lasers

06 December 2016
TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser CTL is now available at 1050, 1320 and 1470 nm.

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Recently Published

Noncontact detection of Teflon inclusions in glass-fiber-reinforced polymer composites using terahertz imaging

Applied Optics, Vol. 55 Issue 36, pp.10215-10222 (2016)
We employed terahertz (THz) time-domain spectroscopy (TDS) imaging technology, a new nondestructive testing method, to detect the inclusions of gla...

On the generality of the Talbot condition for inducing self-imaging effects on periodic objects: erratum

Optics Letters, Vol. 41 Issue 24, pp.5784-5784 (2016)
Corrections to Eqs. (12) and (15) in our recent publication [Opt. Lett.41, 340 (2016)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.41.000340] are presented in this err...

Comparative study of multioctave supercontinuum generation in fused silica, YAG, and LiF in the range of anomalous group velocity dispersion

JOSA B, Vol. 34 Issue 1, pp.88-94 (2017)
We present spectral measurements that uncover the detailed dynamics of the supercontinuum generation in fused silica, YAG, and LiF crystals when pu...

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