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Laser Additive Manufacturing: Going Mainstream

Ilya Mingareev and Martin Richardson

Despite rapid progress, LAM remains largely a niche fabrication technology. What advances in technology and manufacturing science will bring it to the front ranks? Continue Reading



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Prism party
Students paint with light reflections and caustics in the MIT winter course "Making impressions with light" 

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OSA Biophotonics Congress: The Optics in Today’s Life Sciences

24 February 2017
Optical technologies make a significant impact on biology and medicine. They can be used for imaging and sensing everything from molecules to man. ...

Researchers Use Laser-Generated Bubbles to Create 3D Images in Liquid

23 February 2017
Researchers have developed a completely new type of display that creates 3D images by using a laser to form tiny bubbles inside a liquid “screen.” ...

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Optimizing spectral compositions of multichannel LED light sources by IES color fidelity index and luminous efficacy of radiation

Applied Optics, Vol. 56 Issue 7, pp.1962-1971 (2017)
The trade-off between the color fidelity index (Rf) released recently by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) and...

Time-multiplexed structured illumination using a DMD for optical diffraction tomography

Optics Letters, Vol. 42 Issue 5, pp.999-1002 (2017)
We present a time-multiplexing structured illumination control technique for optical diffraction tomography (ODT). Instead of tilting the angle of ...

Hybrid optical wavelength demultiplexer and power combiner for TWDM PON

Photonics Research, Vol. 5 Issue 2, pp.97-102 (2017)
In this paper, we have proposed a hybrid optical wavelength demultiplexer and power combiner for a hybrid time- and wavelength-division multiplexin...

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