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Advanced OCT: Making Waves in the Market

Valerie C. Coffey

Optical coherence tomography is poised for further growth thanks to a new wave of progress in applications with commercial potential. Here’s a cross-sectional survey of OCT advances making their way from concept to market. Continue Reading



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Two Scenes
Two expositions of a scene seen through a glass-window, for different orientations of a dichroic linear polarizer. At the Brewster's angle, the reflected light has vertical polarization. This behavior is shown in the first image where the transmission axis of the linear polarizer is oriented in the same direction of the wave oscillation of the reflected light. The reflection can be attenuated rotating the polarizer until its transmission axis is perpendicular to that oscillation.

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Lambda Research Corporation Announces Current Release of TracePro® Version 7.8

23 August 2016
Lambda Research Corporation releases updated features in TracePro v7.8 which include a final version of the Lighting Toolkit, new Path Sort Filteri...

Precision Start-Of-Scan (SOS) Detector for Polygon Scan Heads

22 August 2016
Precision Laser Scanning, LLC. provides precision Start-Of-Scan (SOS) Detector for Polygon Scan Heads.

Thorlabs Expands Microscope Line-Up with Modular, DIY Cerna Platform

19 August 2016
Cerna users can easily combine Thorlabs’ optomechanical platform with their choice of optical, electronic, motion control, and vision parts to cons...

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Adaptive step-size strategy for noise-robust Fourier ptychographic microscopy

Optics Express, Vol. 24 Issue 18, pp.20724-20744 (2016)
The incremental gradient approaches, such as PIE and ePIE, are widely used in the field of ptychographic imaging due to their great flexibility and...

Terahertz transmission vs reflection imaging and model-based characterization for excised breast carcinomas

Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 7 Issue 9, pp.3756-3783 (2016)
This work presents experimental and analytical comparison of terahertz transmission and reflection imaging modes for assessing breast carcinoma in ...

Losing focus: how lens position and viewing angle affect the function of multifocal lenses in fishes

JOSA A, Vol. 33 Issue 9, pp.1901-1909 (2016)
Light rays of different wavelengths are focused at different distances when they pass through a lens (longitudinal chromatic aberration [LCA]). For...

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