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Laser Additive Manufacturing: Going Mainstream

Ilya Mingareev and Martin Richardson

Despite rapid progress, LAM remains largely a niche fabrication technology. What advances in technology and manufacturing science will bring it to the front ranks? Continue Reading



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» IoT Market Pegged at US$1.29 Trillion by 2020 – 13 Jan
» Report: A US$40.9 Billion Endoscopy Market by 2022 – 09 Jan


Reflection Grating
Reflection grating process that went wrong. Gold, polymer and substrate structures reveal various shapes and colors from mechanical surface damage. Grating surface observed in Avo cleanroom with long-working-distance objective under white-light illumination.

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OSA Biophotonics Congress: The Optics in Today’s Life Sciences

24 February 2017
Optical technologies make a significant impact on biology and medicine. They can be used for imaging and sensing everything from molecules to man. ...

Researchers Use Laser-Generated Bubbles to Create 3D Images in Liquid

23 February 2017
Researchers have developed a completely new type of display that creates 3D images by using a laser to form tiny bubbles inside a liquid “screen.” ...

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InAlGaN superluminescent diodes fabricated on patterned substrates: an alternative semiconductor broadband emitter

We demonstrate InGaN violet light-emitting superluminescent diodes with large spectral width suitable for applications in optical coherence spectro...

Fiber lasers and their applications: introduction

JOSA B, Vol. 34 Issue 3, pp.FLA1-FLA1 (2017)
Fiber lasers have more and more applications in industrial, military, medical diagnosis, and scientific research. This issue features the progress ...

Validation of a spectral light scattering method to differentiate large from small particles in intraocular lenses

Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 8 Issue 3, pp.1889-1894 (2017)
A psychophysical approach has been designed to measure straylight from intraocular lenses (IOLs) in vitro. This approach uses a clinical straylight...

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