Women in Optics

Women in Optics

OSA has collected photos, biographies, oral history interviews, and other resources featuring the amazing women who have helped to shape the field of optics.

OSA Past Presidents
Jean Bennett Elsa Garmire Janet Fender Susan
Donna Strickland
1986 1993 1997 2005 2013


Nobel Laureates
Marie Curie Maria Goeppert Mayer
1st Female Nobel Prize for Physics 2nd Female Nobel Prize for Physics
Mother of Nuclear Sciences Theory of 2-Photon Absorption, 1931


OSA Staff
Hilda Kingslake Elizabeth A. Rogan Patricia R. Wakeling Mary E. Warga
Historian; Author of 
History of the OSA,
Executive Officer
 Former Publisher Former Executive

Past OSA Award Winners in Optics Research and Engineering
Hatice Altug – Adolph Lomb Medal 2011
Susana Marcos CelestinoAdolph Lomb Medal 2002
Connie Chang-Hasnain – Nick Holonyak, Jr. Award 2007
Elizabeth M. C. Hillman – Adolph Lomb Medal 2012
Marilyn Jacox – Ellis R. Lippincott Award 1989
Dorothea Jameson – Edgar D. Tillyer 1982
Mary Lou Jepsen – Edwin H. Land Medal 2011
Ursula Keller – Joseph Fraunhofer Award 2008
Margaret Murnane – R. W. Wood Prize 2010
Ellen Ochoa – Robert E. Hopkins Leadership 2002
Barbara Paldus – Adolph Lomb Medal 2001
M. Gertrude Rand Edgar D. Tillyer Medal
Charlotte Moore Sitterly – William F. Meggers Award 1972
Vivianne C. Smith – Edgar D. Tillyer Award 1990

OSA's Female Fellow Members
OSA members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics are elected to the class of Fellow. Read insights from OSA’s newest female Fellow Members.