OSA Centennial History Book

OSA is preparing a book celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Society in 2016.  It will capture the history of the Optical Society in the context of the evolution of optics research and the optics industry as well as changes in the nature of the science and technology enterprise and, even more broadly, changes in the United States and the world.  Where OSA came from, how it got here, and where we believe it is going will be clear to the reader.  The book will also make apparent how the different aspects of the Society have changed: topical areas, members, leaders, meetings, publications, and member services. To help capture this change, there will be profiles of OSA leaders, of optics companies, and of optics research in academia, industry, and government.

Chapters include:
  1. OSA History by Era
    1. PreHistory of the Optical Society of America - now available to preview!
    2. The Formative years – WWI through the Depression
    3. Optics Rising – WWII through the 50s
    4. The Laser Revolution Begins – 1960-1975
    5. Optics and Photonics Technology Advances – 1975-1990 - new article available to preview!
    6. OSA in the Information Age -- 1990-present
  2. The Functional Structure of OSA – Fulfilling the Mission

New article released - Excimer Laser Surgery - Laying the Foundation for Laser Refractive Surgery, written by Dr. James J. Wynne.

We welcome you to preview the book by offering a preview article, PreHistory of the Optical Society of America, written by Paul Kelley. Please email history@osa.org or use the Contribute Form to share your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.