Technical Group Leadership Volunteers

Congratulations to the New OSA Technical Group Leaders!

Over the past two months, OSA Members in select technical groups have had the opportunity to nominate candidates for and vote on their next leader. Congratulations to all of the individuals selected to lead a technical group during this round of nominations:  
  • Nicolas Pegard, Optical Biosensors
  • Matthew Lew, Molecular Probes and Nano-bio Optics
  • Xian Feng, Fiber Modeling and Fabrication
  • Sonal Dey, Thin Films
  • Tianhua Xu, Optics in Digital Systems
  • Krishnan Parameswaran, Environmental Sensing
  • Edmund Lam, Image Sensing and Pattern Recognition
  • Chaoyang Lu, Quantum Computing and Communication
  • Lee Bassett, Quantum Optical Science and Technology
  • Rosa Santagata, Optical Metrology
  • Mark Siemens, Ultrafast Optical Phenomena
  • Tom Vandervelde, Optics for Energy
If you are interested in volunteering to lead an OSA Technical Group, we hope you will consider submitting an application during a future election.