Optical Cooling and Trapping (OT)

Optical Cooling and Trapping (OT)

This group is concerned with the physics of laser cooling, electromagnetic trapping and other radiative manipulation of neutral atoms, ions, dielectric particles and nanostructures. These fundamental studies are used to develop applications to new kinds of physics measurements and processes such as high resolution spectroscopy, atomic clocks, atomic collisions, atom optics, bio-molecular interactions, and atomic-scale and nano-scale fabrication. Basic studies involve Bose-Einstein condensates, cold collisions, optical lattices, optomechanics, and soft-matter interactions.


John R. Lowell  Chair

30 September 2016

College of Optical Sciences
Tucson, Arizona United States

Optical Tweezers Blog

Congratulations to John Lowell, the new chair of the Optical Cooling and Trapping Technical Group! If you are a member of this group and have ideas for activities and initiatives to help engage this community, please share them with John as he begins his term as chair.

Check out the joint special issues of Optics Express and the Journal of the Optical Society of America B organized by the Optical Cooling and Trapping Technical Group! The issues, which are now available online, are devoted to papers reporting new and challenging results in the field. 

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