Chapters & Sections Grants

2017 Chapters & Sections Grant Opportunities

Chapters and sections can apply for two grant opportunities for 2017 through the OSA Grants Database available at The application processes will be available in September 2016. All chartered chapters and sections are required to complete the 2017 Chapter/Section Management Grant - 2016 Annual Report.

You can find information on how to access the OSA Grants Database on

For more information on the Traveling Lecturer Program visit
For more information on the Centennial IONS Conference Grant visit


2017 Chapter/Section Management Grant - 2016 Annual Report Form

This grant is a combination of a funding request for small-scale and routine activities* to be used throughout 2017 as well as a report on all activities held in 2016. The maximum amount of funding that can be requested will be determined soon, and chapters/sections must demonstrate a need for the amount requested in the application. The quality of the 2016 Annual Report, plan for 2017 activities and number of OSA Members affiliated with the chapter/section will affect the final amount awarded.

ALL chapters and sections must submit this application by 15 November through the OSA Grants Database too remain  in good standing and eligible for benefits including: Chapters and sections that submit reports after this deadline may not receive any funding requested through this process.

What do you mean by "small-scale and routine activities"?
Small-scale and routine activities are events that do not have a large impact on the optics and photonics community and the mission of OSA. However, they are important for your chapter or section's survival. Examples of these events are recruitment activities, regular meetings, one-time visits to local schools, hosting a lecturer, visiting a local lab or company.

Special Events Grant

Chapters and sections may apply for ONE Special Program Grant in 2017 through the OSA Grants Database. This highly-competitive grant provides $1,500 USD for high impact youth education/community outreach or professional development events. Applications are reviewed in rounds after four deadlines or until the funding for this grant is gone.


  • 15 November 2016
  • 15 February 2017
  • 15 May 2017
  • 15 August 2017
Keep in mind:  Even if your event is at the end of the year, we recommend that you apply by the closest deadline as funding for these grants is limited. If an application is rejected, you may apply again for a different event.

What is a high impact event?
A high impact event should have a significant impact on the optics and photonics community in your area/country/region, and/or align with the mission of OSA. Events should have a large number of participants as well as financial support in addition to the funding your chapter/section is requesting from OSA. The impact minimum for a professional development event is 50; examples of high impact professional development events include but are not limited to:
  • A well-atttended lecture series
  • A student-led conference with the exception of IONS since a separate grant supports an IONS conference
  • An industry panel program
The impact minimum for a youth education outreach event is 300; examples of high impact youth education/community outreach events include but are not limited to:
  • A series of visits to different local schools
  • Participation in large science fair/festival
  • A day of providing demonstrations in a public space or museum
If you have any questions about these grants, please contact