2017 Poster Competition

Are you or someone from your chapter/section skilled in graphic design? Can you illustrate an optics and photonics phenomena with the use of comics? If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, we invite you to submit a scientific comic style poster for the 2017 Poster Competition.
Every two years, OSA releases Educational Posters that explore topics related to optics and photonics. These posters are available in five languages and sent to educators around the world. This year we are challenging you to create a poster from one of the following comic categories:

Also check out Spectra from APS/Physics Central for another great example.

The goal is to make optics and photonics understandable for ages 10-15

Please remember that this is to engage children ages 10 to 15 so your poster should be:
  • Easy to Understand
  • Eye-Catching
  • Scientifically Correct

In order to be considered you must also include a brief paragraph about the phenomena you are portraying so the viewer can read about what they are seeing and find other resources (articles, websites, experiments, etc.) to continue exploring. Think about who you can also collaborate with to make this poster successful (your graphic design department, local artist, other student organizations, etc.).

The topics can range from bio, energy, astronomy, or even robotics. We ask that you be creative and think like a young scientist who will inspire the next generation!

Chapters/Sections may submit one application per comic category​ through the OSA Grants Database.​​​​​​ Reviewers will choose one poster per comic category that will be reproduced in five different languages and featured on our website for anyone to request. Posters must be 11 inches x 35 inches.

The winning chapters/sections will receive $1,000 USD and the opportunity to have their chapter recognized around the globe.

Submissions will be due on 15 May and the winner will be notified in July.