International Photonics Advocacy Coalition

The International Photonics Advocacy Coalition (IPAC) is a global initiative of The Optical Society to raise awareness of the economic and societal impacts of optics and photonics technologies with the international policy community. IPAC brings together experts from industry, academia and government to:

  1.  Educate policymakers and influencers about photonics technologies.
  2.  Advocate for funding for optics and photonics initiatives.
  3.  Collaborate and coordinate among industry, government and academia to advance knowledge of photonics technologies.

IPAC supports public policy issues that have a global impact. Initially, IPAC will focus on environmental monitoring and the role that photonics-based applications can play to ensure reliable and transparent data collection, as well as monitoring, reporting and verification of that data.

To get involved, contact

IPAC Steering Committee

Thomas M. Baer, Stanford University, USA, chair
Benjamin Eggleton, University of Sydney, Australia
Allister I. Ferguson, University of Strathclyde, UK
Anderson S. L. Gomes, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
Doug W. Hall, Hall Solar Consulting, USA
Christoph Harder, Harder & Partner, Switzerland
Satoshi Kawata, Osaka University, Japan
Sir Peter Knight, Imperial College London, UK
Byoungho Lee, Seoul National University, South Korea
Gerd Leuchs, Max Plank Institute, Germany
Julia Majors, AIP, USA
Donna Strickland, University of Waterloo, Canada