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Event Date Event Type
19th Global Ophthalmology Summit Feb 26 - 27 2018 Description:
Ophthalmology Summit 2017 conference will concentrate on latest and exciting innovations in areas of eye surgeries, diagnostics and recent technologies towards eye care.
Technical Conference
5th Annual Congress on Chemistry in Drug Discovery & Designing Apr 16 - 18 2018 Description:
Drug Discovery & Designing is a global platform to discuss and learn about research Advances in Drug Discovery and Drug Designing, Computational Chemistry, Pharmacology, Research & Development, Anti-cancer Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Biopharmaceuticals and Radiopharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Industry , Traditional Medicine and Green Chemistry.
Technical Conference
Inflammatory Diseases 2018 May 21 - 22 2018 Description:
This meeting makes a stage for Policy-creators, Scientists, agents and leaders in Emerging Infections and Inflammatory Diseases to display their most recent research and find out about all the imperative advancements in Emerging Infections and Inflammatory Diseases. Real subjects talked about are Emerging Infections and Inflammatory Diseases, Animal Modelling and Veterinary Infectious Inflammations, Pathogenesis, Virulence & Counter measures ,Immune-mediated Inflammatory Diseases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections, Paediatric Inflammatory Diseases, Auto Inflammatory Diseases, Cancer, Oncology and Tumour, Bioterrorism-Related diseases ,Zoonosis (Disease Transmitted from Animals to Humans),Clinical Aspects of Infections and Inflammation, Diagnosis and Imaging of Infectious and Inflammatory Disease, Immunization to Infectious Diseases, Vaccines and Vaccinations, Anti- inflammatory Herbal products and Drugs, Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases.
Technical Conference
3rd International Conference on Plant Science & Physiology May 21 - 22 2018 Description:
Track 1: Plant Genetics, and Epigenetics Track 2: Plant Science and Natural Products Track 3: Plant Genome Sciences Track 4: Agricultural Science Track 5: Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants Track 6: Forest Science and Technology Track 7: Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Sciences Track 8: Plant & Forest Ecology and its Diversity Track 9: Plant Tissue Culture and Plant Biotechnology Track 10: Plant Nanotechnology & Molecular Biotechnology Track 11: Plant Pathology and Plant Microbiology Track 12: Plant Breeding and Molecular Breeding Track 13: Ecophysiology and Sustainability Track 14: Cell Biology Track 15: Systems and Synthetic Biology
Technical Conference