Explore Optics


The OSA Explore Optics education outreach kit offers a unique hands on optics experience for children, teens, and adults. The kit is designed to allow parents and educators to lead activities and demonstrations that allow students to explore the many different properties of light. If you purchased an International Year of Light (IYL) Light Blox Kit in 2015 this kit provides additional experiments and equipment to expand the opportunities and fun!

Check out the Explore Optics Activity Guide to learn more about the broad range of hands on activities this kit provides! Activity Guide also available in Spanish!

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Kits are $99 plus shipping and handling
Thank you so much for the incredible gift. It was very delightful to see a package with my name in it, especially since it was full of things I am engaged in. I am 13 years old and go to Borel Middle School, and when I grow up I plan to be an engineer, or a CFO. This is because math and science aren't just subjects to me. When someone asks me what I like to do, that would be my common response, and going to Tech Trek gave me ideas on future careers, such as scientist or engineers. I think it is amazing how you would become a sponsor to such an amazing program, and how you take account that women should strive to be scientists. So far I have eaten the tasty gummy bears, and played with the laser pen. Tomorrow I plan to build the peppergram, which even my parents where jealous of me getting. Lastly, I would like to thank you once more for this spectacular gift. I am still very excited to open and play with the things inside the box. It gives me great joy and pleasure to say that you made my day, and are really making an impact on our world just by sending kids these boxes. It could encourage a new passion, or further develop ones that are already there. Just by sending these could create the next generation of scientists. So thank you !!! Jolaiya Aldridge – Explore Optics Adventurer

Fun and Hands-On Optics Experiments!

  • Reflection Activities
  • Transmission, Absorption and Color
  • Properties of Laser Light: Monochromatic, Coherent, and Collimated
  • Applications of LASERS: Diffraction Labs and Activities