Tingye Li Prize

Tingye Li Innovation Prize 

The Tingye Li Innovation Prize, established in 2013, will honor the global impact Dr. Li made to the field of Optics and Photonics.  This prize will be presented to a young professional who has demonstrated innovative ideas in, or significant contribution to, the innovation in their research via a paper and reference documents submitted for consideration during the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) Conference or the CLEO Conference. The first prizes will be presented in 2015.

The grand prize recipient will receive a $3,000 prize, a special invitation to the OFC or CLEO Chairs’ Reception, special recognition during the conference and a certificate.

The prize is endowed by Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc., AT&T, The Optical Society, IEEE Photonics Society, IEEE Communications Society, Thorlabs, Inc, The Li Family and supporters of the Tingye Li Memorial Fund, and is administered by the OSA Foundation

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Submitting author must opt-in during the current year regular “call for papers” process or be an accepted Post Deadline Paper (PDP) from the previous year. Previous year PDP’s will be contacted separately for their interest to apply.
  2. Applicant must have an accepted paper to OFC or CLEO.
  3. Eligible applicant is no older than the age of 39 during the calendar year the prize is given.
  4. Applicant must be responsible for and exhibit innovative ideas in their research.
  5. Applicant must agree to let the OSA Foundation (OSAF) use their picture, name and story in program marketing opportunities.

Application Requirements

  1. Opt-in to the program during the current year OFC or CLEO call for papers or Post-Deadline paper submission process.  Post-Deadline papers will be considered during the following year review process.
  2. Copy of the paper abstract submitted to OFC or CLEO.
  3. Statement describing the innovative nature of the work contained in their paper submission.
  4. Letter of certification authenticating the applicant’s innovative ideas and/or their significant contribution to their work submitted to OFC or CLEO.
  5. Verification of age (copy of government issued ID, driver's license, passport, etc.)
  6. Resume/CV
Qualified applicants will be notified after their paper is accepted to the conference with information on how to submit additional materials.

Application/Selection process

  • Applications are solicited and collected through the OFC or CLEO call for papers process. Accepted post-deadline submissions will be considered for the following year (ex: 2014 submission will be considered for 2015) and contacted by the OSA Foundation.
  • Applicant will opt-in during the submission process.
  • OSAF will contact all eligible applicants following the call for papers submission deadline to submit additional application materials.
  • Applicant will provide all required materials to OSAF by 1 November 2014 (for OFC) and 1 January 2015 (for CLEO).
  • OSAF will submit all qualified applications and certifying documents to the relevant OFC chairs for review.
  • Applications are reviewed during the TPC.
  • Each subcommittee selects one (if possible) semi-finalist. A finalist will then be chosen overall from each track.
  • From the pool of finalists, the OFC or CLEO General Chairs will identify the winner.
  • The grand prize recipient will receive$3,000, a special invitation to the OFC or CLEO Chairs’ Reception, special recognition during the conference and a certificate.
Tingye Li
Submit your paper to OFC
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Select "Tingye Li Innovation Prize" when submitting your paper to be considered. 

To apply:

OFC: Deadline Passed
CLEO: 16 December 2014

To submit additional materials:

Send to tingyeliprize@osa.org

OFC: Deadline Passed
CLEO: 1 January 2014

The OSA Foundation would like to thank our Tingye Li Memorial Fund donors who made this program possible.  To learn more about the fundraising campaign and see a list of endowment contributors click here.