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OSA and The OSA Foundation recognize student excellence through competitions, travel grants and other programs.

Awards & Competitions

Corning Outstanding Student Paper Competition
Recognizes innovation, research excellence and presentation abilities in optical communications during OFC.

Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Competition
Recognizes top presenters in each submission category at FiO.

Maiman Student Paper Competition
Awarded during CLEO/QELS and CLEO/IQEC for innovation, research and presentation excellence in the areas of laser technology and electro-optics.

Competitions at Peer Society Meetings – OSA provides funding support for student paper competitions held by the Australian Optical Society and the Optical Society of Korea.


Annual Program Grants
Funding programs that inspire youth, support innovation, and recognize success.

Professional Development Opportunities
Providing young professionals with access to leaders in the field.

James P. Gordon Memorial Speakership
Funds a speakership on Quantum Information and Quantum Optics to a CLEO invited speaker.

Siegman International School on Lasers 
The Siegman International School is a week-long program that exposes students to in-depth learning of lasers and their applications from internationally recognized academic and industry leaders in the field. This program consists of lectures, networking events, professional development programs, poster presentations and research sharing and brings together the top 100 student applicants from around the world.

Tingye Li Innovation Prize
Recognizes a student or young professional that displays innovative ideas in optical communications or laser applications. 


Incubic/Milton Chang Travel Grant 
Provides travel grants to students who present papers at CLEO and the Frontiers in Optics/OSA Annual Meeting.

Jean Bennett Memorial Student Travel Grant
Recognizes research excellence at FiO.

OSA Foundation Student Travel Grants
Awarded to students in developing nations interested in attending Frontiers in Optics, OSA's Annual Meeting or an OSA-managed topical meeting.

Student Chapter Activity Grants
Provides funding for special events and professional development activities such as technical meetings or networking events.

Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Student Travel Grant
Provides travel support for students researching optical engineering, lens design and/or illumination design. Grants are available for the International Optical Design ConferenceFiO and selected OSA Topical Meetings.

For OSA Fellows interested in visiting and lecturing in developing nations.
For authors accepted to JOSA A and/or JOSA B.


Scholarships & Fellowships

Boris P. Stoicheff Memorial Scholarship.
The scholarship is awarded annually to a graduate student who has demonstrated both research excellence and significant service to the optics or physics community.

Paul Anthony Bonenfant Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2011 this scholarship will enable undergraduate students enrolled in engineering and/or physical science programs to attend semester-abroad programs offered through their college/university.

Harvey M. Pollicove Memorial Scholarship
Presented annually to a student pursuing a degree in the field of precision optics manufacturing.

OSAF Fellowship
This program provides emerging professionals with a unique, fully-funded employment opportunity at sponsoring OSA Corporate Member research/deelopment facilities across the United States.

Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowships
Fellows spend one year working in Washington, D.C. as special legislative assistants on the staff of a Member of Congress or Congressional committee.

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