Optics Circle Members

Optics Circle Members

The Foundation would like to thank our Optics Circle Members for their commitment to our success.  This international group of committed individuals and companies are dedicated to the success of our programs and future.  

Ruby Level Supporters

$5,000 or more

Intel Corporation
The Optical Society
University of Central Florida (CREOL)

Gary Bjorklund
Suzanne Bonefant
Robert Byer
Alex Cable
Hank Gauthier
Joseph and Hon Mai Goodman
Joseph Ip
Florence Kaminow
Charles Kao
Barbara Marks-Forman

Sapphire Level Supporters

$2,500 - $4,999

Edmund Optics
Hamamatsu Corporation
Spring Branch Independent School District
University of Calcutta

Michael Bass
Roger Farrow
Mario Garavaglia
Peter Moulton
Mario Paniccia
Scott Shibasaki
Shin-Tson Wu

Quartz Level Supporters

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (1)
Rod Alferness
Stephen Bartold
John Bruning
Federico Capasso
Pierre Chavel
Gordon Day
Ke Dong
L.N. Durvasula
David Feld
Janet Fender
James Fienup
Joseph Giordmaine
Concetto Giuliano
Ryan Hamerly
Ken Hsu
Alan Kaminow
Daniel Kleppner
Cedric Lam
Frederick Leonberger
Lih Lin
Duncan Moore
G. Michael Morris
Chandra Kumar Patel
Stephanie Punko
Elizabeth Rogan
Bahaa Saleh
Alexander Sawchuk
Lynn Seppala
Douglas Sinclair
Matthew Smith
Peter So
Yasuharu Suematsu
Zhiyi Wei
James Wyant
Xiaoxue Zhao


List updated as of 9/2/15

You are invited to join the Optics Circle. Inspire the next generationof innovators. Impact the life of a future leader.