Optics Circle Members

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Optics Circle Members

The Foundation would like to thank our Optics Circle Members for their commitment to our success.  This international group of committed individuals and companies are dedicated to the success of our programs and future.  

Ruby Level Supporters

$5,000 or more

Anonymous (2)
Acoustical Society of America
Alliance Fiber Optics Products, Inc.
Charles E. Barker
Gary and Carolyn Bjorklund
John H. Bruning
Joe Charles Campbell
Milton Chang
Steven Chu
The Coblentz Society, Inc
David Cohen and Deborah Li Cohen
IPG Photonics Corp
CREOL, University of Central Florida
Elsevier BV
Barbara Marks-Forman
Hank Gauthier
Joseph W. Goodman
Susie Gordon
Michael Kriss
Edith Li
Spectra Physics, a Newport Company
IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Photonics Society
The Optical Society
Alexander A. Sawchuk
Peter So
Thorlabs, Inc.

Sapphire Level Supporters

$2,500 - $4,999

Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs
Michael Bass
Suzanne Bonenfant
Columbia University, Department of Physics
Dan, Kathy Li, Michael
and Jessi Dessau
Edmund Optics
David Albert Feld
Mario Garavaglia
Ryan Hamerly
Bausch & Lomb, Inc
G. Michael Morris
Society for Applied Spectroscopy
Fengdan Wan
Shin-Tson Wu

Quartz Level Supporters

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Arthur Ashkin
Yuhong Bai
George Bayz
John E. Bjorkholm
Gary D Boyd
Robert L Byer
Gee-Kung Chang
Nan Chi
James J. Coleman
Paul M. Crosby
Silvano Donati
Ke Dong
Frank Effenberger
Roger and Pat Falcone
Chongcheng Fan
Roger Farrow
James R. Fienup
Thomas K. Gaylord
Wei Gesang
Joseph Giordmaine
Jim and Akiko Gordon
Sarah Gordon and Padraig Nicholl
Susanna Gordon and Eli Rotenberg
Douglas Warren Hall
John Hall
Urs Hoelzle
Ken Y. Hsu
Insight Photonic Solutions
Joseph Wai-Ting Ip
Erich P. Ippen
Kenneth Jerkatis
Thomas Koch
Herwig Kogelnik
Prem Kumar
Cedric F. Lam
Robert Tkach and Ann Von Lehman
Frederick J Leonberger
Richard A. Linke
Jian Liu
Xiaolin Lu
Sohkoudjou Chedjou Celestin Magloire
Duncan T. Moore
Steven C. Moss
Peter F. Moulton
Chandra Kumar N. Patel
Stewart D. Personick
RPC Photonics
Elizabeth Rogan
Bahaa E. A. Saleh
Adel A. M. Saleh
Lynn Seppala
William Shieh
Virginia Siegman
Douglas C. Sinclair
Peter So
Eberhard Spiller
Yan Sun
Yikai Su
Eric Van Stryland
Robert Tkach
University of California Irvine, Beckman
   Laser Institute
Donald Wei
Dr. and Mrs. H.K. Wu
James C. Wyant
Simon Xu
Lianshan Yan
Roy Youman
Xiaoxue Zhao

List updated as of 11/26/14

You are invited to join the Optics Circle. Inspire the next generationof innovators. Impact the life of a future leader.