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OSA Online Journals Single-Site License Agreement

BY THIS AGREEMENT between The Optical Society of America, Incorporated (“OSA”) and the named below (“Licensee”), OSA grants to Licensee access to the OSA online journals, subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth in paragraphs 1–11 below, all of which are agreed to between OSA and the Licensee.

Download to submit OSA Online Journals Single-Site License Agreement (pdf). To activate access to your subscribed titles, please submit a completed license agreement. Note: This agreement is valid for single sites. Please contact us for multi-site pricing and licenses.
You may also complete the following form to indicate your institution's agreement with our terms and conditions.

Contact person responsible for administration of online journals:


Please check each OSA journal listed below for which a subscription is currently maintained:

If any of the IP addresses are proxy servers, please review the Proxy Server Questions. Please be advised that access to proxy servers will not be activated until these questions are answered.

Email additional IP information to as needed. Please include your account name, and your account number in your email with the additional IP addresses.

Please read the Terms and Conditions (pdf). By clicking "Accept User Agreement", you certify that you have read and agree to abide by all such Terms and Conditions and that you are authorized to agree to these terms on behalf of your institution