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Angstrom Precision Optics, Inc.

Angstrom Precision Optics, Inc.

190 Bennington Drive
Rochester, NY 14616

Phone: 585.663.7230
Fax: 585.663.7236
Email: info@apoptics.com

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Manufacturer of double, single and continuous polished machined components including windows, mirrors, wedges, filters, micro-optics & CNC substrates. Precision dicing service of post processed coated finished optics. Materials stocked for UV, Visible, and IR applications. Tolerances of 0.1 arcsec wedge. 10-5 or better SD, <1/20 wave flatness. Materials provided are optical glass, fused silica / quartz, filter glass, B-270, Pyrex, Borofloat and now polished germanium substrates.

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