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BioPhotonic Solutions, Inc.

BioPhotonic Solutions, Inc.

1401 East Lansing Dr
Suite 112
East Lansing, MI 48823

Phone: 517.580.4075
Fax: 517-579-8571

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  • Manufacturing:
  • ultrafast pulse shapers


BioPhotonic Solutions Inc. is revolutionizing the ultrafast (fs) laser industry with the MIIPS® technology that unlocks the power of ultrafast lasers for industrial, scientific, and medical applications automatically optimizing the laser pulse at the target. MIIPS® has been recognized by the PhAST/Laser Focus Innovation Award and the Prism Award for Photonic Innovations. BSI has exclusive rights to MIIPS® technology, with six patents issued and several pending. MIIPS® eliminates tedious laser tweaking, providing reliable performance and reproducible results without needing a laser expert. BSI provides laser design and optimization services to femtosecond laser companies. In addition BSI offers systems that give users the most advanced pulse shaping technology.