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BioPhotonic Solutions, Inc.

BioPhotonic Solutions, Inc.

1401 East Lansing Dr., Suite 112
East Lansing, MI 48823

Phone: 5175804075
Fax: 517-579-8571

Company Type: Systems Manufacturer

Industry Categories:

  • Manufacturing:
  • femtosecond pulse shapers


Biophotonic Solutions, Inc. (BSI) is the world leader in adaptive femtosecond laser pulse compression and shaping. BSI’s mission is to make ultrafast laser applications practical by eliminating the need for manual adjustment of fixed optics, thus minimizing downtime spent fine-tuning the laser system output. BSI’s products, based on state-of-art MIIPS technology, unlock the latent power of ultrafast lasers for nonlinear microscopy, micromachining, attosecond science and other applications.