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Industry Leadership

Industry Council
OSA Industry Development Associates Committee

Industry Council

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The OSA Industry Council (IC) was formed in 2013 and advocates for activities centered on the technical and business interests of the industrial optics community. The Industry Council’s role is to provide feedback and direction, as well as to conceive and oversee new initiatives for this industrial optics community.

The IC will focus on:

  • Proposing potential new products and programs for industry.
  • Working collaboratively with other OSA committees to conduct competitive analysis on industry-focused workshops, meetings and forums.
  • Coordinating with OSA committees and councils as they consider industry-focused programming, member benefits and services to maximize resources and prevent overlap.
  • Encouraging and making suggested additions to represent industry across all of OSA.

2015 Industry Council

  • Gregory J. Quarles, Optoelectronics Management Network, United States, Chair
  • Neil S. Ball, Directed Light Inc., United States
  • Paul M. Crosby, Coherent Inc, United States
  • G. Groot Gregory, Synopsys, Inc, United States
  • Stephen G. Grubb, Infinera Corporation, United States
  • Christopher K. Karp, Reynard Corporation, United States
  • Julius Augustin Muschaweck, Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co.,Germany
  • Donald A. Pearson, TRIOPTICS USA, United States
  • Andrew Forbes,CSIR National Laser Centre,South Africa
  • Sam Rubin,Thorlabs Inc, China
  • Hans-Juergen Schmidtke, Juniper Networks Inc., United States
  • Debbie Wilson, JDSU, United States

OSA Industry Development Associates Committee

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The Industry Development Associates Committee represents the technical and commercial interests of the industry community within OSA. The Corporate Associates Committee ensures the value of company membership in OSA through the development and provision of relevant programs, benefits and business opportunities. Its activities include, but are not limited to, the following functions:

  • Advises the OSA Board of Directors on issues of importance to the Industry Members.
  • Serves as representatives of the entire corporate membership.
  • Recommends programming, products, and services that would be of interest to the industry community.
  • Provides liaison to the Executive Forum Planning Committee, which assists staff with the planning and program topics for the annual Executive Forum.
  • Identifies new benefits that would be universally accepted by the industry membership.
  • Reviews and recommends membership dues changes to the OSA Board of Directors.

The Committee consists of twelve members selected from among the Industry Membership. The Committee membership reflects the makeup of the entire Industry Membership representing size, geographic, and industry diversity.

2015 OSA Industry Development Associates Committee

  • Jean-Michel Pelaprat, Figulus, Chair
  • Allan Ashmead, Coherent
  • Henrik Skov Andersen, Ibsen Photonics
  • Simin Cai, Go!Foton
  • John Dexheimer, Lightwave Advisors
  • James Fisher, Newport
  • Alex Fong, Gooch & Housego
  • Steve Grubb, Infinera
  • Fred Leonberger, EOvation Technologies, LLC
  • Claudio Mazzali, Corning Incorporated
  • Mike Mielke, Trumpf
  • Jerry Rawls, Finisar
  • Martin Siefert, Nufern
  • Costel Subran, Opton Laser International
  • Steve Yao, General Photonics
  • Christoph Harder, Harder and Partner, Liaison