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Submissions for the 2016 Enabled by Optics contest will open on September 8. Please check back for information on how to submit.

2014 Contest Winners Announced - Congratulations to the Winners!

Corporate Contest Winner: JDSU

JDSU of Milpitas, California, USA is the 2014 OSA Enabled by Optics winner for its innovative laser light source used in 3D sensing technologies. This optical solution enables natural user interfaces with devices by incorporating gestures and subtle activities such as facial expression and heart rate into applications like gaming, where gestures can replace physical controllers. 3D sensing technology in general offers great promise for applications in many other sectors, including retail, security, manufacturing, biomedicine, smart homes, transportation and more.
Read the winning submission by JDSU.

Student Contest Winners:

Gustavo Almeida, Adriano Otuka, Emerson Barbano, Renato Juliano Martins, Nathalia Tomazio, and Franciele Renata Henrique
Universidade de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Their video, Colors, describes how colors are produced on electronic displays by explaining the red, green, blue (RGB) additive method.
Watch the team's video.

Ethan Bratton
Arkansas Tech University, Arkansas, USA

His video, What happens when we watch a movie, or play a game?, explains how a movie or game is stored on a disc and how a DVD player or game system reads the data on a disc using lasers.
Watch Ethan’s video.

For more information, read the full news release or view the Fast Facts on this page.

About the Contest

The OSA Enabled by Optics Contest seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of optics and photonics technologies in furthering innovation and positively impacting society. Read the  company submissions and watch the  student videos to learn more about how optics impacts our world and the critical role it plays in everyday life.

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Watch an overview of contest winner JDSU and the many applications of 3D sensing technology.


Click here to view the video in a larger format.

by Gustavo Almeida and Colleagues from Universidade de Sao Paolo


Watch their video here.

What Happens When We Watch a Movie or Play a Game?
by Ethan Bratton, Arkansas Tech University


Watch his video here.

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