Enabled By Optics

Enabled by OpticsEnabled by Optics Contest

OSA Enabled by Optics Contest

Contest Entry Deadline: 5 November 2015

Optics is Transforming Our Lives Explain Your Technology, Show the Impact, and Win the Contest

You know the extraordinary impact optics technology has played in making technological advances in our world and the critical role it plays in everyday life.  But when you tell people you work in the field of optics, they probably think you are referring to eye glasses.  The OSA Enabled by Optics Contest seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of optics and photonics technologies in furthering innovation and positively impacting society.

What's Optics Have to do With It?

Optics technology is a critical component in products we use every day. However some may ask: “What’s optics have to do with it?” The OSA Enabled by Optics Contest provides companies and students with a platform to explain how optics technology has impacted our world.

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New Opportunities for Company Contest Winner for 2016

  • Promoted in Conjunction with OSA's Year-Long Centennial Celebration
  • Featured at CLEO 2016 Plenary Session
  • New Media Exposure Opportunities
  • Continuous Exposure as part of OSA's Ongoing Efforts to Raise Awareness for Optics

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