Future Needs of "Scale-Out" Data Centers

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Webinar: Adaptive Optics: Latest Results in Vision Science, Microscopy and Astronomy
Adaptive optics (AO) allows user to correct aberration and to recover high quality images. The webinar will cover three applications of AO: vision science, microscopy, and astronomy. 3 AO key opinions leaders will share some of their latest results.
12 March - 12 March 2015
Location: Online Only,

Photonics for Disaggregated Data Centers
With increasingly challenging demands being placed on data centers, to perform many complex computational or network operations in addition to serving end users, there is growing pressure to find innovative low cost, efficient architectures. One approach is to move away from a host or servers based architecture and instead organize the various computing, memory, storage, and networking resources for maximum efficiency. This often means pooling common resources into central locations or realizing the data center as a supercomputer model. This approach can also be used to maximize application efficiency by taking advantage of the modularity of dis‐aggregation and choosing and / or updating resources that best meet the specific requirement.
22 March - 22 March 2015
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

OSA Executive Forum
Join more than 150 senior-level executives as they convene for the annual OSA Executive Forum to discuss key themes, opportunities, and challenges facing the next generation in optical networking and communications. Highly valued by participants for the frank and open discussions, OSA Executive Forum sessions explore emerging trends and action plans for tackling today's toughest business challenges.
23 March - 23 March 2015
Location: Petree Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA, California, USA

OFC Market Watch
A complementary program to the Service Provider Summit at OFC, the series of panel sessions features esteemed speakers from leading companies and the investment community.
24 March - 26 March 2015
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Exhibit Hall, Theater I, Los Angeles, CA, USA

OFC Service Provider Summit
A must-attend event at OFC for CTOs, network designers, and technologists in the carriers and service provider sector. This program features panel discussions, a keynote presentation, exhibit time and networking time.
25 March - 25 March 2015
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Exhibit Hall, Theater I, Los Angeles, CA, USA

CLEO Market Focus
CLEO sessions covering business and commercialized applications including industrial lasers, defense, biophotonics, and energy.
11 May - 14 May 2015
Location: San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA

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Future Needs of "Scale-Out" Data Centers

An OIDA Workshop for Stakeholders

This event has ended. Enjoy a retrospective look at the event. For upcoming events click here

Sunday, 17 March
9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Hilton Anaheim Hotel
Anaheim, CA

Read what our blogger, Dr. Odile Liboiron Ladouceur, had to say about attending the Workshop!

View the Workshop agenda here!

Post-Workshop Report -
there is still time to purchase your post-workshop report! If you are interested in purchasing a report, please email bhirsc@osa.org.

Registration Type Post Workshop
Report Fee
OIDA Members $0*
OSA Corporate Associate Members $200
Non-Members $400

*Included in OIDA members registration is the post workshop report.

OIDA, the Optoelectronics Industry Trade Association, is co-hosting a workshop on the future system and component requirements of so-called “scale-out” data centers. These data centers have massive rack-to-rack “East-West” interconnections that do not scale hierarchically in the way that traditional data centers do, leading to a scaling challenge. Future data centers will need new architectures and new component products to address this challenge. The ecosystem exists for near-term solutions, but not for longer (5-10 year) solutions. This workshop addresses those longer-term solutions.

The workshop will discuss, refine, and expand on draft metrics reported from an earlier workshop, held at OFC 2012.

Featured Speakers:

Brad Booth
Brad Booth
Distinguished Engineer,
Network Architecture
Steffen Koehler Steffen Koehler

Senior Product
Line Manager

Casimir Descusatis
Casimir Decusatis
IBM Distinguished Engineer
& CTO, System Networking Strategic Alliances

Karen Liu
Karen Liu
Principal Analyst, Components

Nathan Farrington Nathan Farrington
Data Center
Network Engineer

Geroge Porter
George Porter

Research Scientist
University of California,
San Diego
Madeleine Glick Madeleine Glick
Senior Research Scientist
APIC Corporation
Tolga Tekin
Tolga Tekin
PPS Group Manager
Fraunhofer Institute
for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM)
Tom Issenhuth Tom Issenhuth

Optical Network Architect
Ryohei Urata
Technical Staff Member

Format: Individual presentations of ~15 minutes with 5 minutes for audience questions, followed by a 30 minute panel discussion (3-4 speakers and a moderator).

Discussion Topics: The upcoming workshop will bring new perspectives from end-users, system vendors, and component suppliers to address key questions such as:

  • What are the larger constraints driving the architectures?
  • What architectures are being considered? 
  • What are the generic system requirements?
  • What are the implications for future interconnect and switch components?
  • What standard protocols and form factors will be used, and where might products depart from industry standards? 
  • How large will be the market for the components? 
  • How much investment is necessary or realistic to reach that addressable market? To what extent will photonic integration meet these needs, given its present course? 
  • What are the technical, market, and global threats that might impede reaching the targets?

Unlike other events going on during OFC week, this OIDA event will document consensus among participants, where possible, in an OIDA report. OIDA is co-hosting the event with CIAN, the Center for Integrated Access Networks, and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

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