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Video Contest: Show Us – What’s Optics Have to do With It?

Deadline: 30 April 2014

Prize: $500 and more.

In a video format submission, take apart any product that has an optical component, and show us how the optics technology is required to make the product work.

It’s Easy to Submit:
  1. Select a consumer product (suggestions include a laptop, DVD player, remote control, digital camera, barcode scanner – or any other product of your choice – be creative!)
  2. Take it apart and find the optical component(s)
  3. Describe how the optical technology contributes to the end product
Judging Criteria
Submissions will be partially judged based on number of “likes” as well as by members of the OSA Corporate Associates Committee who will take the following into consideration when making their winning selections:
  1. Story Telling– Enlighten us with how the optical component contributes to the end-user experience in the chosen product
  2. Creativity – Inspire the judges with your story
  3. Length – Suggested length 2-3 minutes – no more than 5 minutes
Contest terms of entry (pdf)

General Information
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A team of students may submit.  All communication and prizes will be directed towards the primary contact.  Space is available below for the names of additional team members.

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