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Renew Corporate Membership

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Your organization’s designated primary contact can renew your Corporate Membership online.

If you need an invoice, or further information, please contact OSA Corporate Programs at +1 202.416.1982.

Corporate Member Types

Corporate Membership is divided into two member types.

Corporate Members - Includes corporate entities such as manufacturers, distributors, and R&D firms. Dues are based on the company's annual sales volume. If your company makes less than $1 Million in annual sales, please contact OSA for dues information. Check the benefits listing for the complete list of programs and services available to Corporate Members.

Associate Members - Includes nonprofits, universities, publishers, venture capitalists, market researchers and recruiters. Dues are based on company type. Check the benefits listing for programs and services available to Associate Members.

2013 Corporate Member Dues

Corporate Member Type Dues
Corporate Member (Annual Sales Volume)  
Less thank $1 Million Contact OSA for dues
Tier 1 - $1-$10 Million $625
Tier 2 - $10-$20 Million $925
Tier 3 - $20-$50 Million $1,850
Tier 4 - Over $50 Million $3,080
Associate Member  
Group A: Non-Profit, University, Government Lab. $615
Group B: Publisher, market research firm, VC, other $925
Group C: Recruiter $1,500


For continued access to your benefits or for questions:

Contact OSA Corporate Programs at or 202.416.1982.